Friday, December 30, 2016 

Let's see what's new - 18 months since my last post.
Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the holidays.

2016 was another year full of great bigfoot adventures.  I am still Bob Gimlin's traveling partner - and great friend. We went to three bigfoot conferences last year. One in April, the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May and the Big Sky Bigfoot Conference in October. Ohio is THE bigfoot conference in North America and the smaller, regional conference in Hamilton, Montana had an excellent turn-out and a top notch speaking line-up.

I will see how often I post. Just wanted to kick in the...behind.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!
- Tom Yamarone

NEW AUDIO for the Buddy Knox "Bigfoot Song"
(same great slideshow from my photos of the mountains and historic bigfoot pictures.)


Playing at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, May 2016
"The Ballad of John Green"

 Monday, May 25, 2015 

My Epic Trip with Bob Gimlin to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015, Pt 2

An example of what our 11 hour day at the conference is like...
Meeting and greeting a whole lot of great folks!!
Here with Hunter Brito - a bigfootsongs fan and bigfoot enthusiast!

Morning broke and I need not even mention the weather. (Yes, Mom, it is muggy here. A cloudy sky, but looks like the rain will hold off.)  Saturday is the “main event” at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference. We had everything that we needed ready to go (that is, a few dozen souvenir photos, a guest book and a packet of free souvenir photos I carry with me when I travel.)

We proceeded to breakfast at the restaurant and ran into some great friends.  Nicole Law is a wonderful young lady who is enthralled with the bigfoot subject and pursuing knowledge in the related fields of anthropology and archaeology. She and her Dad, Dan,  also drove all the way to Yakima for the Round-Up last October. So as we approach the host of the restaurant we ask for a table for 8 and fill those seats with whomever is present. It just so happened that Maria DiFranco and her brother John were standing there in line for a table. And a friend we made last year, Tom Cinefro and his daughter, Harmony. That’s how we arranged meals and such…on the fly. It worked out great. Enjoyed talking with all these folks and they sure enjoyed having breakfast with Bob.

Our breakfast with friends in Ohio.
Left to Right: Dan & Nicole Law, yours truly, Harmony & Tom Cinefro,
John and his sister, Maria DiFranco and Bob Gimlin

To describe the scene outside of the conference room here at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference would start with the vending area. 30 tables of sasquatch/bigfoot related wares and crafts – an incredible assortment of rare books, cool t-shirts and organizational tables…like our friends at the International Cryptozoology Museum and nearby New England bigfooters, “Squatchachusetts”.

Artist Andy "Mongoose" Finkle with his
unique crypto-creations! 

Such an honor to be painted by Andy Finkle!
This piece was donated to the International Cryptozoology Museum
curated by Loren Coleman in Portland, Maine.

The scene at our table when Gene Romo filled in for me.
Helping Bob hear over the din whose name to put on the photo or item
they wanted autographed.
(Tom Page and Loren Coleman to the right)

  Bob and I – along with assistance from our friend, Gene Romo – take up our places at a table between Bluff Creek artist Wayne Barnes and Loren Coleman’s Int’l  Crypto Museum tables. This affords us a seat next to Tom Page as well.  For Bob, this starts the full day of meeting, greeting and signing autographs for attendees – as well as posing for photographs. If this were ComicCon, he would be charging big money. He is that popular. As it is, the modest honorarium he receives suffices. I sell 8X10 color photographs of him and bigfoot for $10 – the kind of discount souvenir I would want to buy. We were at the table for over 2 and ½ hours before taking a break with the Holasek Family. We returned and continued the wonderful day of meeting new bigfoot enthusiasts, old friends and knowledgeable supporters of Bob and Roger’s film achievement. 

John Kirk III (right) receives commemorative gifts after his presentation
from organizer Marc DeWerth and event emcee Sharon Lee Lomurno.
(tech staff volunteers and proprietors of Grassman Gear - as well as
producers of the new documentary "The Minerva Monster" -
Jesse and Alan to the left)

John Kirk III, our very good friend who is the President of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, spoke first. His presentation was well received as he is a dynamic public speaker. He reviewed the history of bigf…uh, er…sasquatch research in his home province. British Columbia, Canad is where it all began – research wise – back in the early 20th century with JW Burns and on to John Green and Rene Dahinden soon bolstered by Bob Titmus…and the rest is history.   I can’t speak to the other presentations as we were always busy out in the lobby vending area. Jim Sherman of the BFRO – and author of a new bigfoot book about his research experience – spoke as did David Floyd, a professor from Carolina Commonwealth University.  David addressed the recurrence of a hairy hominoids throughout history starting in Mesopotamia and on up through the Middle Ages and into recent times. And, as I mentioned previously, Loren Coleman spoke on Friday night about secret millionaire benefactors of bigfoot research.

Prof. David Floyd and BFRO Investigator Jim Sherman
pose with Bob Gimlin during the conference.
My role on Saturday at the conference was also to perform some bigfoot songs between presentations. I started with my tribute to a pioneer of sasquatch research, John Green. “The Ballad of John Green” tells the story of his involvement in this search for evidence and information about the sasquatch – and how he published books “to disperse what he’d learned.”  I asked Nicole Law to come sit up front and act as my “human teleprompter”.   J  When I performed in Yakima last October, I noticed Nicole sitting in the 2nd row singing along – she knows all the words to my songs (as does her Dad). Guess they play the CD as much as I do. Well, I had her sit there and sing me the first line of each verse just in case I could not remember it. It came in helpful on one or two verses, but overall it was just fun to have her sitting there singing along.

Here with Nicole Law and her father, Dan.

Ready to play "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)"
with River Gibbs sitting in on harmonica.

 Later on, I asked River Gibbs to join me on stage to play harmonica on “Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)” – my tribute to Bob and Roger Patterson. I did this because River is a performer as well as a very informed bigfoot researcher. His appreciation of this song resulted in a wonderful tribute video he made last year with his older brother. They sit in a meadow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and perform the same song. (Search for River Gibbs Roger and Bob on YouTube…it’s awesome!). So, not to throw him into the fire, we grabbed the guitar (THANK YOU, JEFF “Oakenshield” CRISMAN of Ohio for doing everything to loan me your guitars!!) and went into a loading dock area just outside the packed conference room. There we played through a few verses and harmonica solos. As we returned to the hall, we were called to the stage. It was a pinnacle moment for us to perform that song to a packed, appreciative house – and for Bob Gimlin. River did great and received rounds of applause after each time he played the harmonica. It was very cool. I forgot the last verse but kept playing until I recalled the 2nd line. J As I began to sing it, I pulled a line Neil Young used in the movie “The Last Waltz”: “I got it now, Robbie!” We were treated to a standing ovation! And that is how bigfootsongs was part of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

Performing with River Gibbs at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015

My good friend, Jeff Crisman!!
He generously outfits me with guitars to play all weekend long!

The night concluded with a question and answer session with Bob Gimlin. I assisted by moderating this which involved repeating the question to Bob or in some cases, clarifying an answer with a brief explanation of some P-G film history.  Bob took questions for close to 45 minutes. One person asked to tell about his experience the day the film was obtained – October 20, 1967 – and that resulted in a very nice, long reply. Other questions were about his personal opinions about topics such as kill or no kill, are they human-like, etc. When it came to questions about his involvement with research and conferences since September 2003, he stated that the friends he has made since then make him “richer in spirit than any amount of money.” 

Bob Gimlin speaking to the packed room during his Q & A session
at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015

As has always been the case, when he says good night, this crowd jumps to their feet and gives this man a standing ovation. The feeling in the room was electric – and loving. It is something to experience from the front. Wow!

Freeze frame as Bob begins to remove his hat to acknowledge the standing ovation.
Another pinnacle moment of this year's Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

Marc DeWerth and Sharon Lee Lomurno (Event Organizer and both acting as Emcee’s) had great gifts for Bob and each speaker…and they concluded the conference with special surprises for young people in attendance. It was really something else I will explain at a later time. It takes about an hour to wind down and say good-bye to all those great folks. Photos were taken and autographs signed on most anything you can think of.

An "end-of-the-conference" photo with our friends from
Team Squatchachusetts.
Jonathan Wilk of Granby, MA founded this Northeast bigfoot research group;
Our longtime friend Dave McCullough poses between Bob and me.
John Kirk III, president of the BCSCC and dear friend, to the right.

Another final photo with some notable figures in bigfoot/sasquatch research.
Yours truly, Loren Coleman, Bob Gimlin and John Kirk III.

The night goes on and on in the lobby area on Saturday and it’s a time to let loose. I play guitar in a living room setting and it doesn’t disturb any guests because of the design of this lodge. Somewhere around 40 people gather and sing along to songs I’ve played at campfires and in garage bands. It’s awesome!

(PHOTO REMOVED FOR PROPRIETARY REASONS)   :-)  j/k  I need to request a photo from the after hours sing-a-long party.

“Brown Eyed Girl”, “Let It Be”, “Country Roads”, “Folsom Prison Blues”, “La Bamba”, “Twist and Shout”, “Oh Pretty Woman”, “The Boxer”, “Sloop John B”, “Fun Fun Fun”, “Nowhere Man”, “Imagine”, “Everyday”, “Looking Out My Backdoor”, “Bad Moon Rising”…it just is so much fun! Two other guitarists were present to afford me some breaks  so that worked out! (and the folks were treated to performances by Matt Pruitt!)  When it gets really late, the super balls that can be had in the game room as prizes, begin to drop from above…haha! That’s when you grab your drink and cover the guitar…”Balls of Fury” has begun. That’s an inside joke but it really happens.

After hours with friends.
Mike Hall, Matt Pruitt, Jeffery and Tonia Thomas and "Yams"

Sunday dawns a little dimmer for all the energy expended on Saturday – and it rained on and off but nobody noticed. Thanks to the rain, the picnic hosted by the USBigfootResearchOrganization was moved to two covered picnic areas near the beach volleyball courts at Salt Fork State Park. The had provided delicious, simple barbeque fare and everyone comes and just socializes for 2 hours. It’s really a nice way to conclude the weekend for many – and one more chance to visit with friends before having to say “Good-bye”. Many photos were taken.

With friend and fellow bigfoot conference organizer,
Marc DeWerth!

 One person I should mention that was there was primatologist Dr. Esteban Sarmiento. He like to attend this event and travels in from New Jersey. I also think he likes my music because he enjoys the “campfire sing-a-long” scene on Saturday night and also complimented me on the lyrics to “The Ballad of John Green”. It’s such an honor and a delight to be able to spend time with someone like Esteban – and I’m thrilled to call him a friend.  So we said good-bye.

At the USBRA picnic on Sunday with
Jenny King, Bob Gimlin, Dr. Esteban Sarmiento and his friend Andrew.
(unknown "photo-bomber" far right)

Essential event staff - and Ohio Bigfoot Investigators -
Mark Maisel and Bea Mills happily pose with Bob Gimlin

View of the picnic area at Salt Fork State Park on Sunday.
Dark clouds and a patch of blue sky over the picnic shelter.

Those of us staying one more night went our way and met up again later for dinner. I will continue this story tomorrow as we had Monday to tour around the Cleveland area and Tuesday to travel home to Yakima by way of Portland and the Columbia River.

 Saturday, May 23, 2015 

My Epic Trip with Bob Gimlin to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015, Part 1

Finally something to write about – my epic journey with Bob Gimlin to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference! We have traveled on 3 other occasions back east – two previous trips to Ohio and one to New York. It’s an honor and a personal privilege to be Bob’s travel partner…even more so to be his friend.  The journey is very long and arduous so the goal is to make it as smooth and stress free as possible.  I drive 740 miles to Yakima, WA the first day and just get a room and crash. J Day 2 is when the fun begins (although I do enjoy day 1 driving by Mt. Shasta and up through Bend, Oregon).  We met early in the morning in order to give ourselves plenty of time to drive to Portland, Oregon to catch our flight. Leaving early also allowed us an opportunity to surprise two great friends of ours who were working in a town along the way – Bobo and Cliff! We were thrilled to spend an hour with them visiting and enjoying breakfast. What a way to start our trip!

The staff at Bette's Diner in Hood River, Oregon wanted a photo...
That was easy to oblige. 

The flight to Cleveland involves a very short layover in Chicago and everything went smoothly.  We arrived in Cleveland just before midnight. Thanks to the “caring staff” at the Holiday Inn, we stayed about 40 minutes longer at the airport than we wanted to – BUT also met a police officer who not only recognized Bob but had a bigfoot story to share. Let’s call it fate, but there were to be many more such encounters in my travels with Bob. We go on these trips determined to be “Bigfoot Ambassadors” – engaging everyone we meet and letting them know, “The evidence is compelling – I think “convincing” – and let us tell you all about it. Ever heard of the Patterson-Gimlin Film?”

Bob Gimlin with our new friend, Officer Peace
at the Cleveland-Hopkins Int'l Airport.

Meet the Holasek Family
with Gene Romo, Bob Gimlin and yours truly
taking a "hand-held" group portrait.

Thursday, May 14th we awoke in Strongsville, Ohio and were joined by friends to begin our journey to Salt Fork State Park and Lodge, home of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference.  Once in our very nice rental car, we drove to Sugarcreek, Ohio for a special visit with friends we made when we came back here in 2010.

Emily (Holasek) Drzazga showing Bob her
"Patty walk" while Camille and Claire look on. 

The Holasek family has a farm in Amish country where they have horses, chickens, ducks, pigeons, goats and a beautiful home. We were thrilled to have the time to visit with them.  Fred, the matriarch of the family, has had an interest in the subject since his Uncle brought a copy of the February 1968 Argosy magazine over to his house.  Molly and Emily now have families and live nearby. They came to the conference in May 2010 and April 2014. We had a great visit enjoying a delicious lunch with the family and Bob really enjoyed touring the barn and farm yard. 

with our friends Emily and Molly,
two sisters we met when we first came to Ohio in 2010

We arrived at Salt Fork Lodge a little after 7:00 p.m. on Thursday to a wonderful reception with friends and colleagues who were anxious to greet Bob. After checking into our room and getting settled, we gathered in the spacious, mutli-level lobby to celebrate Patrick Olah’s birthday. His parents, Andy and Betty, along with his sister Ashley had a bigfoot birthday cake baked for the occasion. This is a real example of the community we have created.  Many friends gathering to sing “Happy Birthday” and have a piece of cake. That evening we relaxed in the lounge and out on the patio till midnight visiting.

Betty shows us Patrick's bigfoot birthday cake...
Friday is the day the bulk of the traveling attendees begin to arrive. We had an errand to run in town and we took the opportunity to drive through the park a bit on the way back to the lodge.  It was nice to see the Bigfoot Ridge primitive camp – empty – on Friday afternoon.  Gene, Bob and I took a stroll through the camp in the muggy afternoon heat. Shade was a delight. Soon after we returned to the lodge where preparations were well underway for the conference.

Bob carries a big stick at the Bigfoot Ridge
primitive campground with Gene.
And in the quiet before the "storm", no one else
was there!

The official start of the conference activities was a dinner in the nearby town of Cambridge, Ohio and it featured a lecture by renown author and cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman. Theo’s restaurant has hosted this dinner for the last three years and are typically overwhelmed by a dinner for 250 people. This time it went very well with a buffet dinner – technical difficulties plagued the presentation however. Despite the wait and the glitching microphone, Friday night’s presentation was an excellent review of two of the millionaire sponsors of bigfoot research in the 1960s. Tom Slick and Tom Page both supported bigfoot research through generous backing of expeditions, recording and transcribing eyewitness testimonials and documenting footprint evidence. 

Loren Coleman with surprise guest Tom Page.
Conference organizer extraordinaire, Marc DeWerth to the right.

To the surprise of those in attendance, Loren and Marc DeWerth (the conference organizer) had invited Tom Page (of Ohio) to join us. There he was in the flesh – a living piece of sasquatch history.  Here was someone who interacted on a personal  and business level with Roger Patterson.  There was an opportunity for a “question and answer” session and we concluded by having Bob Gimlin, Tom Page and Loren Coleman pose for photographs.  Into the sweaty night we rode – treated to an amazing sunset as we returned to Salt Fork State Park.

a real Sasquatch Summit
Tom Page, Loren Coleman and Bob Gimlin
at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015

There the festivities took on a social nature and we visited with friends well into the night.
Friends and colleagues travel great distances to rendezvous at the amazing Salt Fork Lodge. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of a large conference - the actual face-to-face social time with friends whom we interact  with on-line on a weekly basis. There are truly some wonderful, quality individuals involved in this endeavor and I'm grateful to call them "friends".

Hey, that's where we stop today!  More about the 2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference coming soon! 
We still have the core of the weekend to cover...and our trip home! 
Thanks for stopping is back in business for 2015. 


 Saturday, February 21, 2015 

Welcome Back, My Friends..."Bigfoot" Radio Appearance Today on Seattle's KKNW 1150 AM

Hello to all my friends out there!  It has been quite a while since I last updated the ol' blog site.

The holidays were very enjoyable and the New Year looks to be as eventful as ever.  Winter is typically a slow time for bigfoot research due to limited access and travel considerations. It is a season rife with speculation and many people unable to bide the time until Spring. Lately there has been much ado about nothing all over the internet. The Yellowstone National Park - Old Faithful video (misidentification of cross-country skiers), the Lettuce Lake, Florida video (not enough information or a comparison video to determine if it is genuine...likely not), etc. Such is Winter time in bigfoot research. We are all still active following up on sighting reports, interviewing eyewitnesses and making plans for public events in the coming year.

Today I will return to a very familiar setting - The Mantz and Mitchell Show on KKNW, 1150 AM in Seattle. Their alternative talk radio show is excellent and it is always a pleasure to discuss the subject with Gary and Suzanne. We will be joined by Dr. John Bindernagel as well - and that is always a fantastic opportunity to "talk sasquatch" with John. I can't say how much I admire his analysis and explanation of this subject.  Hope you are able to join us! You can listen LIVE on the web.


I will try and update the site with more news as time allows. New songs are in the works; I had the opportunity to meet Rozwell Kid, the awesome band from West Virginia that covers "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)" at the end of the movie "Willow Creek".  Also have made plans to travel to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May with Bob Gimlin and will be attending this year's Beachfoot gathering in Oregon. Take care and keep on the track!

with my friends in music, Rozwell Kid
November 2014, San Francisco

 Friday, October 31, 2014 

Happy Halloween 2014 - This Year's Bigfoot Jack-o-lantern


this year's bigfoot jack-o-lantern by yours truly.

Hope you have a safe and exciting Halloween - and may bigfoot be more than just a corny newspaper article the media was saving up for today. :-)

Here's this year's free-form bigfoot jack-o-lantern. I based the silhouette on the first "Willow Creek" movie poster.

Bigfoot jack-o-lantern and our friendly ghosts.
copyright 2014 Tom Yamarone

videos of presentations at

Bob Gimlin

Dr. Jeff Meldrum
"Sasquatch and Other Wildmen..."

Bill Munns

 Monday, October 20, 2014 

Patterson-Gimlin Film Anniversary - 47 years ago today...

...Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed a large, hair-covered, female hominoid on Bluff Creek in the Six Rivers National Forest in northern California.

PG Film image by the late
Scott McClean
- please credit him

The film is the best piece of photographic evidence of a bigfoot.

Happy Anniversary to the Patterson-Gimlin Film! 

Roger Patterson's grave site in Yakima, Washington.
We honored him at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up
as a Pioneer of Bigfoot Research.

Bob and Roger!
Your achievement remains unmatched
47 years later.

For years critics would assail the film as a hoax - a person in a gorilla costume.  For years, many knew the truth. What this debate prevented was honoring Patterson and Gimlin for their achievement.

Still frame from the P-G film

John Green took the appropriate action in June 1968 and made a comparison film on-site with 6'5" tall Jim McClarin. Turns out, it was just about perfect for choosing the filming spot and the path that McClarin walked. It shows the massive bulk of the P-G film subject and should have convinced the world of the film's authenticity.

reissue of John Green's first two books.
Best book to start your reading
into the bigfoot/sasquatch subject.
BUY John Green's book HERE! Best $15 you'll ever spend!

Patterson, Gimlin and Al DeAtley (Patterson's brother-in-law, the funding behind the film's promotion) took the film to Hollywood for analysis and opinions.  They were very favorable.

Ivan Sanderson updates the P-G film a month after its debut.

Ultimately, the film became an iconic piece of evidence in the bigfoot research community.
It was written up in Argosy magazine in February 1968 and subsequently in books by John Green and others.  Now, the ultimate analysis has been published by William (Bill) Munns entitled "When Roger Met Patty".  Find this and other books by John Green, Jeff Meldrum, John Bindernagel and Kathy Strain on

Ground-breaking publication of still photos
from the P-G film appeared in this
February 1968 edition of Argosy.
Excellent article by Ivan Sanderson accompanies
the photographs.

Front cover of Bill Munns'
outstanding book
BUY "When Roger Met Patty" HERE!!

 Sunday, October 19, 2014 

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up honors Pioneers of Bigfoot Research

Attendees pose with Guest of Honor Bob Gimlin
after the Tribute Banquet at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up.

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up brought together 150 bigfoot researchers, authors and enthusiasts for a unique weekend conference. The event featured presentations by well-known academic researchers Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel along with Bill Munns (known for his 7 year study of the P-G film), John Mionczynski, Cliff Barackman, Christopher L. Murphy and Ron Morehead.

This tribute conference featured a banquet on Saturday night and an additional series of talks on Sunday in conjunction with the museum exhibit "Sasquatch Revealed".  For one weekend, the bigfoot world was focused on the hometown of Bob Gimlin and the late Roger Patterson. Some very interesting and compelling information about the bigfoot subject was presented in a very intelligent, logical manner. We also enjoyed the rare opportunity to see one another in person and enjoyed our time immensely.

Enjoy some of my photographs of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up!

Bob Gimlin poses for a photograph with
bigfoot researchers
Cindy Caddell and Tanya from Portland.

Bob Strain speaks during the Tribute to the
Pioneers of Bigfoot Research

Dr, John Bindernagel presented a talk about
the importance of the Gimlin-Patterson Film
in the discovery of the sasquatch.

I performed two of my bigfoot songs. Here
"Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)"
prior to Bob Gimlin's talk.

Bob Gimlin recounts the day he and Roger Patterson
obtained the best photographic evidence of a bigfoot on
October 20, 1967

Sunday's featured speaker and good friend, Cliff Barackman of
"Finding Bigfoot" hosts a table at the Tribute Banquet.

The Tribute Banquet taking place in the Great Hall
of the Yakima Valley Museum.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum compares different sasquatch
track casts that exhibit
a common trait: the mid-tarsal break. 

Hollywood creature maker and film archivist authenticates
the Patterson-Gimlin Film during his presentation.
His new book "When Roger Met Patty" is available at now.

John Mionczynski played his squeeze box for us at
the campfireFriday night at
Running Springs Ranch.

Bob Gimlin comments on the importance of the
contributions by these Pioneers of Bigfoot Research
honored at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up 2014.

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World