Tuesday, February 03, 2009 

Winter Update - Looking forward to May!

It's never too late to wish you a Happy New Year!
We traveled to LA & celebrated the New Year with family - the REAL Yamarone Brothers...and Mom & Dad. We had ourselves another
New Year's "Eve of Destruction" - and no old appliance or guitar was safe.
That was a BLAST - of the dry ice kind!
Here's a blurry photo of Little Jack "Squatch"...and "Tom Cruise" sledgehammering
in the backyard...(top)ol' guitar destroyed by dry ice water bottle.

bigfoot-wise, planning is in full swing for the event in May. I attended
a monthly meeting at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. And there's another
scheduled for this month, Sunday, Feb 15th.

Here's a photo with my Doctorate of Bigfoot Studies sent to me by
the master of bigfoot items - T.Cousino66 - thank you, Tom!

On the musical front, I'm working up a new campfire set for the coming year.
"Cat's in the Cradle", "Octopus' Garden", "Story of My Life" & "Revolution"
are on the practice list. And there's a new bigfoot song due to be penned as soon
as the hairy-muse hits me!

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