Wednesday, November 14, 2007 

Additional reports from the P-G Film Celebration

Hey, just got around to putting up some more detailed posts about what happened at the P-G Film 40th Anniv Celebration...and more photos, too.

Like this one of Mark Stenberg - coming through for us by manning the merchandise table while we ran the show...THANK YOU, MARK!

here's the link...
BigfootDad's Posts & Pics about the P-G event
posts are on the bottom of p.3 and top of p. 4 (check out the rest of the thread if you haven't seen it before...)

and here's a great video clip I found a few weeks ago...posted it at
Bigfoot Discovery Museum on ...thought I should have it here as well!
BOB GIMLIN!! check it out! a classic!

Yams on YouTube

Check out this cool video by Greg Rose of Felton, CA
-- it's on YouTube...

go to YouTube and give me a good rating...
and email it to a friend!

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