Friday, December 25, 2009 

Bigfoot & Christmas - 6 Degrees of Separation

Merry Christmas to all!!
and especially to my family and friends who frequent this site!

We're enjoying a magical Christmas morning and want to send our wishes out
to you and yours! May this be a day of health & happiness - and don't forget
why we're celebrating Christmas. In an unusual twist, that message to not take the Christ out of Christmas was expressed most emphatically by - of all things - a South Park Christmas episode. Santa was being held hostage in Iraq (late 1990s) and Jesus goes in an brings him out to save Christmas... a classic episode. Funny how humor and satire can actually make a point better than a heavy-handed approach.

I digress...

enjoy the day! here is some Christmas humor - even some with bigfoot!

(I don't know who created these cartoons, the bigfoot with santa art, or who to credit the photo of the airliner with the holiday paint job above. If you have any idea, please email me at I thank those folks for allowing
me to post these images in the spirit of the day.)

( The Six Degrees of Separation...let's give it a try. Bigfoot is referred to in a song by Jack Black. Jack Black performed on a show where Will Ferrel was part of the cast (SNL). Will Ferrel was in the Christmas movie Elf. Santa was in that movie. There was also a great film sequence of Elf in Central Park that pays homage to the P-G film in its treatment. Have you seen that?)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 Sunday, December 20, 2009 

Bigfoot Friends Reunite for a Song

a few of us met up in Napa Valley last Sunday evening to perform a bigfoot song. The rare grouping occurred during an evening of music to benefit The Collective Sound - a rock'n'roll summer camp.

Jimbo and yours truly drove hundreds of miles to rendezvous at the "Friendraiser" on December 13th. We came to see some of our favorite musicians perform and to spend a rare evening together during the holiday season. Josh Fischel and Zach "Zippy" Goodin were playing a set of songs from their Bargain Music days along with original bass player Jeff Ward.
Also, Sacramento based teen music phenoms Dog Party were on the bill as well.

The event was held in the Tucker Farm Center next to Napa Valley State Park. This venue 4 miles south of Calistoga was an old rustic auditorium set up for a night of mingling and music. Artists were painting over to one side during the evening and vegetarian victuals were available in the back of the hall.

It was the perfect setting to see some friends and enjoy some music - and play some as well.

here are the pics.

Thanks for stopping by!

 Friday, December 18, 2009 

Bigfoot Songs and Christmas Carols - 'Tis the Season!

Thanksgiving night at the backyard campfire...the family's heard it all before.

The holidays have been going well - I hope the same can be said for yours.
That period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day can be extremely hectic, busy, stressful - and devoid of bigfoot news. On the other hand, if the pace is right, the holidays can be an enjoyable time to reflect on family, friends, focus, fun and 'footing.

I've done some traveling in December to see friends and family and I love the open road. The sights mostly. So I'll share some of them with you.

View of the Channel Islands from Silver Strand Beach in Oxnard, CA.

Mount Shasta looming over Interstate 5 - a favorite landmark on any trip north to Oregon and Washington.

The Naches Valley, Washington. Cold and clear with the Big Red Barn at Running Springs Ranch as the centerpiece. Can you see it? (click on website images for a larger version of the photo.)

HUGE landslide in Nile, Washington along Hwy 410. It's 1/2 mile long and changed the course of both the highway and the Naches River.

The reward for leaving at 4:00 a.m. is more than just good traffic -
an I-5 sunrise in the Sacramento Valley.

While in Washington, I was happy to see Paul Graves and get the chance to play some Christmas carols together at a party in Tampico. It was a cozy, crowded party on a snowy December night and nice to spend it playing seasonal songs. Paul has recorded many of the Christmas favorites as instrumental arrangements. He does an amazing version of "What Child Is This?" and "Little Drummer Boy." We stunned the crowded living room with ripping versions of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town." No photos exist of the moment, but that's OK.
I left Washington ahead of an early December storm on a cold Sunday afternoon with an unbelievable gift in my car - and the gift of friends that continue to bless
my holiday season.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza'a or Winter Solstice...
whatever you celebrate this time of year, I wish you all the best!

Tomorrow: the Collective Sound "Friendraiser" in Calistoga last Sunday featured performances by members of Bargain Music, SexRat, Dog Party and the Yamarone Brothers. There were plenty of photos taken at that event - I made sure of that!
see you then! and glad to be back blogging...

 Tuesday, December 08, 2009 

It Was 29 Years Ago Today...In Memory of John Lennon

There may be six degrees of separation between John Lennon and sasquatch, but that's not why I'm blogging about him on the anniversary of his death. It's the man and his music - his band, his solo career, his songwriting, the lyrics and the lasting influence he's had on culture in the last 45 years.

I am a huge fan of John Lennon and was a decade late to catch Beatlemania as it was happening. Fortunately, I was "into it" as his solo career was winding down, in hiatus and picking up again in 1980 with the release of his album "Double Fantasy."

What a tragic, sad day that was 29 years ago. It was like the rug was pulled out from under our feet. The pending live tour was not to be... the follow-up album left unfinished... a blow to our collective psyche on that night in December 1980.

I first visited the Dakota Apartments in 1987 and have been back several other times whenever I'm in New York City. Across the street in Central Park is the section dedicated to John Lennon known as Strawberry Fields. The centerpiece of the area is a mosaic with the word IMAGINE.

Here's to John Lennon!
Let's remember him today and try to imagine all the people living life in peace.

Thank you, Stephanie for the timely reminder!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the holiday season. I've been on the road the last two weekends. I interviewed a bigfoot witness last Tuesday. I'll try and post some photos from the travels and a link to the report I took from a sighting in 1993 when it is up on the web.

 Tuesday, December 01, 2009 

back from holiday... 2 blog talks to check out

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2nd) at 6 p.m. Pacific time,

BILL MILLER will be a guest on the Grey Area
with Melissa Hovey and Monica Rawlins.

Here's the show summary:
The Grey Area welcomes guest Bill Miller. Mr. Miller has worked on such films as the notorious Zapruder film and recently has lent his expertise to the latest theory offered by MK Davis re: "Bigfoot Massacre". Be sure to tune in and find out what Bill has discovered!!

This should be an excellent expose on the bluff creek massacre(sic) theory.
Bill explains the inanity (insanity?) beautifully in his 20 page
article (linked up in a post down below).
It should be a VERY INTERESTING hour tomorrow night.

Link to Bill Miller on the Grey Area blog talk

Listen live tomorrow at 6:00 - or follow the link (afterwards)
to the archive.

ALSO, AUTUMN WILLIAMS was a guest on Monday's Sasquatch Watch Radio blog talk
with Billy Willard and Mike Killen.
It's a long one, but full of enjoyable conversation with Autumn. She's intelligent & insightful - wrap your mind around it. :-)
I love her advice: "Approach looking for contact with a sasquatch as if you're looking for a Native American elder." indeed!
Link to Autumn Williams on Sasquatch Watch Radio blog talk archive

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