Saturday, October 31, 2009 

HAPPY HALLOWEEN - here's this year's bigfoot jack-o-lantern

the bigfoot songs had an influence on this year's design...all the time spent
playing around the campfire...the Yamarone Brothers extensive touring schedule that kept us going from bigfoot conference to expedition basecamp to backcountry campfires...somewhere along the way I lost my guitar.

Seems I left it out in camp last September in the redwoods and it disappeared.
We always wondered what happened to it and now we have an idea of where it is.

Keep on Rockin' in the Squatch World!


 Friday, October 30, 2009 

Happy (Squatchy) Halloween! time to carve some pumpkins...

seems that a family tradition has evolved this time of year...

the annual bigfoot jack-o-lantern.

I get to do ONE of our 3 pumpkins with a bigfoot theme!

Don't know what this year's design will be. The last few years was based
on a drawing I did in 2006. Here's the photos from the last few years.

Also, are you my friend on Facebook? if so, I just added a bunch of photos
from the summer. I'll get around to putting some up here, too. (eventually)

Happy Halloween! I'll up-date when this year's jack-o-lanterns are ready.
have fun and let bigfoot be a part of your Halloween this year.

 Wednesday, October 28, 2009 

Are You Ready For Some Blog Talk? A Wednesday Night Party!

"...all my rowdy friends are here on Wednesday night."

Not really rowdy, but certainly my good friend.
Paul Graves is the guest on tonight's edition of Campfire Shadows blog talk show.

just an FYI "heads-up" so you can listen live at 7:00 p.m. in the Pacific time zone or catch the archive later.

Paul has been researching the sasquatch/bigfoot phenomenon for over 20 years in Washington and the area around his hometown of Wenatchee. He's a wealth of information and experience on the subject. He was one of the four organizers of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up last May. Also, he's an amazing songwriteer, guitarist and artist. As has been mentioned before on this blog, it's always a pleasure to see him and get to play music together.

Hope you get a chance to listen to the show, call in with a question or just enjoy the archive!

Link to Campfire Shadows Blog Talk Site

 Thursday, October 22, 2009 

Robert Michael Pyle - a rare treat for your ears!

Robert Michael Pyle
, author of Where Bigfoot Walks (crossing the dark divide) was a guest on HBM's Crypto Corner. He is one of the most eloquent naturalists/sasquatch researchers I have ever met. Enjoy listening to him explain the phenomenon in a way you've never heard it put. Can't recommend this highly enough!

We had the pleasure of meeting Bob at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up. He is just a wealth of information and explanation. Not to mention a great guy to hang out with and a ripping blues harmonica player!

We then got a second gift and spent a weekend camping with him at a gathering in Oregon in August. What a terrific man to know.
Glad to call him my friend.

Archive from Sunday, October 18th Link

 Tuesday, October 20, 2009 

The Gimlin-Patterson Film - It Was 42 Years Ago Today

October 20th is a special day in bigfoot history. That's the day the Gimlin-Patterson Film was obtained on Bluff Creek in the Six Rivers National Forest.

We've celebrated the film in song - "Roger & Bob (Rode Out That Day)"; we've celebrated the 40th Anniversary with a gathering in Willow Creek, CA; and we've recognized the achievement of these men with this year's Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up in May.

I don't have anything planned for today other than a few phone calls to friends (to remind them, if necessary) and maybe I'll play through a version of the song.

The good news in 2009 is that there is such an abundance of compelling information that authenticates the historic film. Besides the analyses found in books by John Green, Grover Krantz, Rene Dahinden, Peter Byrne, Dmitri Bayanov, Christoper Murphy and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Hollywood costume maker extraordinaire, Bill Munns, continues to amaze with his self-motivated analysis of the film.

His recent talk at Bigfoot Discovery Day III was full of new comparisons of the film subject to humans of known size and detailed movement and proportions that place "Patty" outside the realm of human dimensions in several areas (arm length, leg ratio, height of knees on leg, etc.).
He concludes that it is certainly NOT a person in a gorilla costume. And HE would know!
His work is thorough and outstanding. To read more about it, go to The Munns Report website .

Another fascinating aspect of the G-P Film is that it continues to attract "experts" like flies to sh...well, you understand. Names like "blevins" "davis" and others continue their uninformed "work" (sic). Others still straddle the fence to the point of splinters in their "minds". Most recently, another bigfoot author claimed that Gimlin and Patterson could not have done what they said they did that day. REALLY??!
Well, to avoid any confusion, stick to the authors I mentioned above and you'll be fine. Question everything you read on the internet (except this blog).

The story stands as it always was. "It is what it was," to quote a friend. And the film stands alone as the best piece of evidence to date.

Lately, even more far-fetched theories are bandied about on YouTube and other sites. Last year, some "genius" even suggested that Gimlin and Patterson had "massacred" a family of bigfoots on Bluff Creek prior to the film event. REALLY??! Read all about it in Bill Miller's excellent recap of the on-going fiasco. It's worth your time to see how absurd this claim is. This is an outstanding article and includes historic photos, too.
Bill Miller's Massacre (sic) at Bluff Creek article
Located at West Coast Sasquatch website. there's a link to the right for the main site.

Then, pop open your favorite beverage and relax. Enjoy the subject...enjoy the mystery and the search for evidence. Enjoy the good people you know and have met in the bigfoot world. Nothing else really matters. Keep on Keepin' on!
Happy Anniversary!

Here are some photos from October 11, 2009. We were camping in the area and took a day trip to the Bluff Creek overlook and the filmsite road.

There were two fires burning in the area and a huge storm due in Monday night. We left Monday at noon. It was a fantastic trip into the Bluff Creek drainage. We did record a wood knock at 4:12 a.m. on Monday morning. No other possible sasquatch activity was observed.

(photos: Overlooking Bluff Creek and the site where the film was obtained;
(L) the two-track "modern day" road to the film site area; (R) the start of the film site road from the road to Louse Camp;
(bottom) Orleans, California and Hwy 96 on a smoky, Monday afternoon.)

Double click on the photos for a larger image

Thanks for stopping by!

(awesome coincidence, Autumn!)

Happy Birthday to Bob Gimlin! (October 18th)
(here pictured with Ron Morehead of the Sierra Sounds in August 2009)

and to my father, my nephew and my very good friend, Shasta who all celebrate birthdays within 10 days.

 Monday, October 19, 2009 

Bigfoot Discovery Day III - Informative Fun in Felton

Bigfoot Discovery Day III featured the latest research in local Native American lore and in-depth analyses of the Sierra Sounds recordings and the Patterson-Gimlin film.

The event was sponsored by the Bigfoot Discovery Project & the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. There was a barbeque/meet & greet at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton followed by research presentations at the community hall.

"Many people came from miles around" to participate in the 3rd annual event. Bigfooters and bigfoot enthusiasts enjoyed a day of interaction and informative talks.

Presentations by Kathy Moskowitz Strain, Bill Munns, Ron Morehead, Scott Nelson and David Paulides were introduced by museum curator Michael Rugg. Bob Strain also gave an introduction of the event representing the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. And, I played a couple of songs, too. ("Bigfoot - The Living Legend" & "Roger and Bob Rode Out That Day")

Here are some photos from the event. (NEW - SLIDESHOW AT BOTTOM OF POST)

Afterwards, we enjoyed a campfire at the Fern River cabins where some of us were staying. It was a fantastic gathering from start to finish - sometime after midnight! :-)

Bill Munns

Michael Rugg

Kathy Moskowitz Strain

Ron Morehead

Mike Rugg asks a question of David Paulides

playing bigfoot songs in the dark

Ron Morehead and R.Scott Nelson

(click on photos for larger image. sorry about the formatting and captions...not a real smooth process on blogger dot com.
Other Note: I cannot control the slideshow speed. You can click on it and get to the individual photos at Photobucket by clicking on a photo. Enjoy!)

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World