Monday, July 02, 2007 

Bigfoot Discovery Day: Big Turn-out for Bigfoot

The inaugural Bigfoot Discovery Day last Saturday was a huge hit!
Bigfootin' friends from throughout California showed up and Jeff Meldrum flew in from Idaho...The barbeque lunch and book-signing at the museum was a full three hours of schmoozing and good conversation - about bigfoot, of course!

Then we moved down to Santa Cruz for the evening event...and we had only 17 tickets to sell at the door! Some folks were turned away and the hall was packed.

I started the event with a song backed by a home-spun PowerPoint slide-show. I paid tribute to my good friend Bob Gimlin and his partner, Roger Patterson, in song...seemed to be a big hit.

Then Michael Rugg gave a heartfelt presentation about how the Bigfoot Discovery Museum came into existence...he followed that up by detailing a couple of local bigfoot events.

maybe at this point we should have taken a break, but we busted right into Jeff Meldrum's lecture - "Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science". It wasn't dumbed-down or simplified ...his lecture addressed the common myths about the bigfoot phenomenon (you know, "that guy made all the footprints..." "there was a guy wearing a suit in the film" HA!) and detailed why there IS sufficient evidence to justify further investigation....It lasted an hour and a half... Don't really want to go into detail right now, but suffice to say, there will be an article in this month's bigfoot museum newsletter...
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more later!
It was an amazing weekend of friends and 'footing!

(Photos: top to bottom...
Jeff Meldrum speaking at the event.

Michael Rugg, Jeff Meldrum and Daniel Perez.

Yamming it up with the harp and guitar.

Louden Nelsen Center marquee.

Bart and Tom ...brothers in squatch!)

P.S. notice a cool, P-G 40th Anniversary shirt in some of these pix?
Scott and I collaborated on the idea and design...then he kicked it into gear and had a screen made and popped out enough shirts for friends and family...and Patterson (Patricia) and Gimlin (Bob)...a timeless gift for a timeless film!
They are OUR tribute to the amazing footage taken on October 20, 1967 at Bluff Creek, CA. see if you can download the pic of Dr. Meldrum or me with Bart and see it up ROCKS!
here's Scott and Susan at the museum!

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