Wednesday, January 22, 2014 

Bigfoot on the Columbia River ( from late December trip) & NEW Bigfoot Eyewitness Video, too!

Hope your holiday season was enjoyable and the New Year has started well. As you can see, I have enjoyed it so much that I haven't posted since way back when. Well, that belies the fact that a LOT has been happening in the bigfoot world.

Soon after my last post, I spent the Winter Solstice in a beautiful setting at Princeton Harbor near Half Moon Bay, California with an eyewitness. We documented his encounters that occurred in Mendocino County in 1970 and 1971 on an isolated, wooded 80 acre parcel his family owned. I first met Buggs at one of our monthly Bay Area Bigfoot Meetings in San Mateo. He came to see what we were all about - mostly just talking about bigfoot - and then in time he shared his dramatic encounters.
We shot four videos and I will begin posting them to YouTube this week. Here is the first installment.

"SASQUATCH REVEALED"  Museum Exhibit Opens in The Dalles, Oregon December 28, 2013

After Christmas I was really fortunate to take a whirlwind trip to Oregon and Washington to see friends and attend the opening of a bigfoot exhibit at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Museum.  I flew into Portland before dawn on Friday, Dec. 27th and by mid-morning was on my way up the Columbia River under grey skies heading for Yakima, Washington. The plan was to meet up with Bob Gimlin and Paul Graves and drive back to the Dalles, Oregon for the event on Saturday. Everything went as planned and we were at the museum for the afternoon lecture by Christopher Murphy (curator of this traveling exhibit), Bob Gimlin and Jeff Meldrum.  The evening event featured the same lectures along with one by Thomas Steenburg of British Columbia and a buffet dinner.

Main atrium of the Columbia Gorge Discovery Museum.
(all photos by Tom Yamarone)
This is an outstanding facility and the museum is awesome! The history in that area includes a rich native legacy along with the Lewis & Clark expedition and the terminus of the Oregon Trail. The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful natural wonder east of Portland and this museum has wonderful exhibits on all of it. Their staff was top notch and the facility seemed brand new even though we found out it was constructed 16 years ago!  Here are my photographs from that day and evening in The Dalles, Oregon.

Footprint casts on display - one of two in the exhibit

Patterson-Gimlin Film display case

Sasquatch foot sculpture by Christopher L. Murphy

Interactive table with all the right research materials! 

Great friends and researchers attended the event. Cliff Barackman, Craig Flipy, Guy Edwards and Mike Leone came out from Portland.  Most of those in attendance were local people interested in the subject. Now this isn't the most populated area, but they were out in force supporting this great museum. Two sold out events and just a wonderful spirit exhibited by all who came. If you are traveling in the area or want to plan a bigfoot trip, The Dalles, Oregon is 80 miles east of Portland. There are two more special lecture events at the museum in conjunction with the Sasquatch Revealed exhibit. This Saturday, January 25th, Cliff Barackman will give a presentation along with Mel Skahan (Yakama Nation bigfooter and friend) and Oliver Kirk (Warm Springs Reservation bigfooter and friend).   And on Saturday, February 22nd, Paul Graves of Wenatchee, Washington will give a lecture on his research in a very active area around his hometown.

Opening night drew a crowd.
(l. to r.: yours truly, Cliff Barackman, Jeff Meldrum, Guy Edwards,
Bob Gimlin, Paul Graves, Thomas Steenburg, Christopher Murphy.)

Chris Murphy's opening remarks about his exhibit

Bob Gimlin recounts the P-G Film event for the sold out crowd.

Keynote address by Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World