Sunday, January 31, 2010 

Jim Kocher's "Living in a Bigfoot World" - ready for all to hear!

Hey! I finally got Jim Kocher's new song in a format for all of you
to hear it. It's called "Living in a Bigfoot World" and I really like
it. Enjoy the catchy melody, the poetic lyrics - it's like all of Jim's
work - well crafted. He's been recording for many years and you can delve
in the world of Jim Kocher's music at .

Check out Jim's site and enjoy this song!

 Tuesday, January 26, 2010 

New Websites for Olympic Project & Derek Randles

Photo: Mountain Lion out for a stroll on the Fourth of July, 2009. An example of what can be found at the new Olympic Project website.
(all photos courtesy and copyright Olympic Project)

I wanted to share the news that two new websites exist that are of interest. They belong to Derek Randles, a long-time bigfoot researcher and outdoorsman from Washington. Derek was kind enough to sponsor and speak at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up last May. He gave us an overview of the Olympic Project - a study using the best available game cameras placed throughout the Olympic Mountains in his home state.

Photo: Derek Randles sets up camera in Olympic Mtns, WA.

The Olympic Project is detailed, the participants introduced and they share some of their wildlife photographs at this site. There are also "possible sasquatch" photos to ponder - nothing clear and dramatic but more what I termed "furry limbs across the lens."

Link to Olympic Project Website

(photos: [above] Bear enjoying the ridgeline view. [right] Possible sasquatch footprint found near Quinault, WA last year while hiking to set cameras for the project.)

Check out this website that is a work in progress. And stop back periodically to see what's new. Derek is a friend and an associate from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. I can't give him a bigger endorsement. He is co-owner of the skookum cast as he was part of that historic September 2000 expedition.

He also has another website for those of you interested in backpacking.
They offer a series of unique classes that teach all you need to know about backpacking and wilderness skills.

Link to Ridge Walkers Unlimited

 Sunday, January 24, 2010 

Tonight's the Night - Bigfoot Documentary Premieres on Nat'l Geographic Channel

"One of the most delightful things about a (new bigfoot documentary) is the anticipation it provides." - W.E. Johns (adapted to subject at hand)

Photo: John Mionczynski and Jeff Meldrum in the Wyoming wilderness in search of bigfoot evidence. (courtesy and copyright National Geographic Channel, American Paranormal)

Tonight's episode of the American Paranormal series is about bigfoot. I've known about this documentary for over a year as the organizers of the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up were contacted by the show's producer, Christoper Lofft back in January 2009.

I'm hopeful the show will provide a much better treatment of the subject than another (unrelated) National Geographic Channel documentary from 2004. We'll have to wait and see tonight.

The show airs at 8:00 p.m. but check your local listings. If you have satellite TV, you may get the show at 5:00 p.m.
I don't get National Geographic Channel with our basic cable subscription, so I'll be seeing this show whenever I can obtain a copy. Let me know what you think about it. (email:

Link to National Geographic Channel's bigfoot documentary show page
(there are six video clips - run your cursor over the boxes below the video screen to see other clips.)

ALSO, KATHY STRAIN on Coast-To-Coast-AM radio with George Knapp 10:00 - 11:00 p.m. PST
****NOTE: The Coast-to-Coast-AM show encountered technical difficulties and did not air last night. Kathy Strain is rescheduled for the last Sunday in February.****

(photo courtesy of Kathy Strain)

This is very exciting as I'm an avid listener to Coast to Coast AM - way back to the nights when Art Bell hosted the program. Kathy - and her husband, Bob - are very good friends who brought me into the world of bigfoot field research. She's a long-time researcher and one of the most experienced in California.
She is also the author of Giants, Cannibals & Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture (2008, Hancock House Publishers)

Coast to Coast AM website

 Friday, January 22, 2010 

Bigfoot Discovery Museum in the news...

I mentioned that I attended the monthly meeting at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum last Sunday. It was great timing as the 130 mile round-trip to the Santa Cruz area was free of rain. Since then more than 10 inches has innundated this region and most of the state. but I digress...

The meeting was held in a local pizza parlor and was attended by a small group of museum members. Mike Rugg, the curator and co-founder, talked to the group about what has been happening there since November.

(photo by Toni Gauthier, c. 2010 courtesy Stanford Magazine)

One thing to check out is the latest issue of Stanford Magazine. Mike and I are both alumni of Stanford and they ran a short article in the current issue (Jan/Feb 2010) on Mike and his bigfoot museum. It's an excellent piece and you can find it here:

Link to Stanford Magazine bigfoot museum article

To check on the latest at the Capri-Taurus Bigfoot Discovery Project, go here:
Bigfoot Discovery Museum website

 Sunday, January 17, 2010 

"Great North" Mystery Solved...Winter Continues

I don't know how many of your were aware of the "GREAT NORTH" documentary that had an interesting figure appear running with a herd of reindeer at the 9:12 (min/sec) time stamp of the video. You can view "GREAT NORTH" at


see what you see at 9 mins and 12 secs. You'll have some 30 second ads to watch but it's worth it.
Thank you to Sandra Maisel for sending me a link she receieved about this.

It has been the talk of the blogs the last couple of weeks and is now solved.
First, what did you think when you saw it?
We weren't sure back in October when this came to our attention. Looked like it could possibly be a sasquatch.

The BFRO ( has an excellent explanation of the episode. It was intriguing and made for an interesting Winter mystery. AND, I will recommend this documentary if you have the time. I found the reindeer herding and igloo building exceptionally interesting segments, especially the archival film footage from many years ago.

Now, if you have already seen this at, check out the clarity in the video taken of a DVD version of this segment. It's posted at at the channel BFROVIDEOS.
Link to VERY CLEAR version of the subject in "GREAT NORTH" at 9:12 mark
here you will clearly see the subject is wearing a daypack - but that wasn't evident in the footage at

Just wanted to point this out in case you may not have heard about it.

On other fronts, Jim Kocher of Cleveland, Ohio has written and recorded another bigfoot song. I'll have to get Jim's permission to put it on youtube so you can hear it. He wrote me into this one and I'm honored. Never thought I'd hear "Tommy Yamarone" in the lyrics of a song, but Jim pulled it off! Thanks, friend!
That's cool!
(photo courtesy of Jim Kocher)
-NOTE: there's a link to Jim's website to the right in the LINKS section...check it out! -

There's a monthly meeting tonight at the Bigfoot Discovery Meeting in Felton, CA.
I'll report back on that this week.

And friends are planning on getting out later this month.

Also, I may be attending the 2010 Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May with a very good friend. I'll let you know when the travel arrangements are confirmed.

 Tuesday, January 05, 2010 

Getting the Decade Started...

The holidays have come...and almost gone. Bigfoot finds its way onto our Christmas tree each year. And there are usually bigfoot books and DVDs in the presents under the tree.

As far as any "news" goes, no new bigfoot reports have come to my attention in the last month.

There will always be sensational stories and claims - we've had a few of those
recently. The costumed subject from the northern Minnesota game cam and the video of the porcupine in the tree from Maine come to mind.

Winter is a trying time for bigfoot research. The drive and determination of Spring, Summer and Fall run smack into the holidays, winter weather and a natural slow-down of human and animal activity. I recommend reading and getting ready for some day trips to the snow line. Perhaps a reconnoitering of lower elevations or a search for snow tracks will provide an outlet for Winter's pent up energies.

here are two reports I took in the last year for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (

One from 1962 in Patterson, California along the San Joaquin River.
link to BFRO Report 25009

and the other from 1993 in a remote section of the Sierra Nevada Mtns.
link to BFRO Report 26850

These are both interesting encounters from California over the last 40 years or so.

Just wanted to share these with you and now I'll share our home video
of New Year's Eve and the fun we have celebrating the milestone moment.


enjoy and we'll see you back here soon with some bigfoot songs
up-dates. (I promise!)

 Friday, January 01, 2010 

Happy Squatch Year 2010!!


Hope you all enjoyed ringing in the new year in your own way.
I love spending the moment with my extended family - my parents, my brothers, our's a tradition we've kept for many years.
and I try and take a moment to call some friends for a brief chat...
it brings us together for the New Year in that way.

Ring out the old...Ring in the new.

We had such a spectacular year with the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up and several other events, expeditions and small group outings.

The round-up brought together most of the leading researchers and academics who share a like-minded approach to the sasquatch subject. In terms of evaluating the available evidence and assembling a group of individuals who also strive to gain addtiional evidence, the Bigfoot Round-Up was ground breaking.

There was a sense of shared purpose, respect for the subject and one-another, and a level of intelligent discussion that made it a unique gathering.

2010 is a clean slate - full of opportunity to obtain additional evidence. Let's hope for a video presented with contextual evidence...a photograph - again, with supportive information...more footprint photos and casts...compelling first-hand accounts - all of which will add to the evidence already compiled and considered when discussing the subject.

As always, refer to the books authored by John Green, Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Christopher L. Murphy for the best explanation of this subject!!

Hope to see you in 2010... and I didn't even mention the songs!
that'll be next time. There's some new songs in the works and great ones already
produced by some fellow bigfoot songwriters.

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World