Thursday, November 10, 2005 

Talk-Radio Appearance Tonight....1 am..listen on-line

My friends and I are going to be guests on the Lou Pate Show on 710KIRO-AM radio in Seattle, WA tonight.
Michael Rugg, Jimbo Fay and myself will be the guests.
We were on last March and enjoyed a free-form discussion of the bigfoot phenomenon. Lou was very a "fair and balanced" host and supportive in the way he directed the conversation. The show was lucky to have a half-dozen phone calls with people relating their first-hand experiences out in the woods.
(PHOTO CAPTION: posing in front of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA with Michael Rugg, center, and Alex Solunac, right...JUNE 2005)

CHECK IT OUT TONIGHT, if you're up at that hour! :-)
Listen "live" on the internet here:

Information about the Lou Pate Show here:

It should be fun! Just thought I'd let you know it was happening...

Happy Halloween!

No real news...had fun carving another bigfoot jack-o-lantern this year...

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