Thursday, September 30, 2010 

One Second After... a Journey Around Bluff Creek Country

"Rolling On Bluff Creek" on YouTube

(Bluff Creek near the historic Patterson-Gimlin Film site : overgrown and unrecognizable 43 years later.)

Well, it's actually been a week and a half after our trip to the Six Rivers National Forest near Bluff Creek, California, but the title of this blog is a veiled reference to a GREAT book by William Forstchen.

September's four hundred mile foray (each way) was shared with Jim Sorensen and Mike Greene. There's a couple of no-nonsense, rational men with a slightly cynical approach to "bigfoot research" - but cynical in a practical way. "Show me the video (or photo)" would aptly describe our common goal in this endeavor.

Mike obtained thermal imager video of a bipedal hominid in April 2009 in North Carolina. It is more likely than not a sasquatch that he had also seen the previous year through his thermal imager without being able to record the encounter.
Read all about it, all about Mike's sasquatch research and download the video at his website. Here's the link: Mike Greene's website

Jim attended two bigfoot events that I organized and we were on two expeditions together prior to his Year of the Expedition in 2009. He attended dozens of - more than 40 - BFRO expeditions that year and came away with a wealth of experience and contacts in this field.

We spent 4 days out in the Bluff Creek area and two of them were dry. Nature sent the first substantial storm of the year through northern California that weekend and after 30 hours and 4 inches of precipitation, we opted to cut the trip short by one night.

We had no evident activity during our thorough survey of the area or around camp during our 3 night stay. We can report that all of the roads throughout the Bluff Creek area from Fish Lake to Onion Lake to Louse Camp to Cedar Camp and on around Lonesome Ridge have been graded and graveled this summer and are in great condition. Road work was also underway on the steep, 2 mile spur road down to the Patterson-Gimlin film site area along Bluff Creek. Heavy equipment stopped us 1/4 mile short of the creek just past the rock slide section of that road - that portion is still a hairy ride on rocks for 40 yards.

Enjoy a photo essay of our trip to the Bluff Creek area two weeks ago.

(overlooking the Bluff Creek drainage from Forest Road 12N13.)

(Fish Lake - still one of the best places to stay when you go to the area for the first time.)

(Onion Lake - one campsite near the little lake on Onion Mountain. This has been a favorite spot for many seeking a bigfoot experience late at night.)

(Mike on the bulldozer on the P-G film site road. Rumors abound as to why they are improving the roads in the area.)

(Mike and Jim along Bluff Creek.)

(Bluff Creek - view downstream from where we were.)

(Our camp at the headwaters of Blue Creek. Rain was in the forecast and we were ready for it.)

 Tuesday, September 14, 2010 

New Music Videos at Bigfootsongs04 on YouTube

There are a few new additions to my YouTube channel. see link to the right -->

A few are performances of some of my bigfoot songs from over the last few years and one is a great rockin' cover of the song "Los Angeles" by X. Sacramento teen bands Dog Party and Simpl3Jack collaborated on this at a civic festival called "Chalk It Up!" a couple of weeks ago.

Hope you enjoy the new videos!

I'll be heading out into the great outdoors with some friends soon and will report back with whatever we find...
Keep on the track, friends!

 Friday, September 03, 2010 

New Kid on the Block - GREAT Sasquatch Art by Brian Cundle

("Climb To Solitude" - original digital painting by Brian Cundle, C. 2010)
(left click on the paintings for a larger version.)

I wanted to pass along the purchasing information and display the art of Brian Cundle here in a post. Bart Cutino brought his art to my attention last week.
I was very impressed with what I saw. At this time, he does not have a website and can only be reached by email.

There are 5 digital paintings and he is selling them either by auction on eBay or the "BUY IT NOW" method. That's what we're promoting here. BUY IT NOW!

("Chance Encounter")

Brian Cundle is a Canadian artist who has created outstanding sasquatch art
in a digital medium. Realistic settings encompass possible sasquatch encounter scenes.

("One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for a Sasquatch")

The art is thought provoking, beautiful and some pieces exhibit a good sense of humor about the subject. The paintings embody the beauty of the setting more than simply focusing on the sasquatch. You'll find these paintings could hang in your living room or den even if your significant other is bothered by your sasquatch interests.

Here's how he describes the above painting:

"Beauty & The Beast"

This original hand signed painting art print is the first in a series, painted digitally on a computer using Corel Painter. My intentions are to attempt to depict the elusive Sasquatch/Bigfoot in the pristine wilderness and naturally wild habitat he resides in and the seasonal beauty of nature he undoubtedly sees through his eyes on a daily basis. My original digital art print painting which you are bidding on measures 13” H x 16.5” W and is printed on EPSON Professional heavy weight archival paper with a matte finish using EPSON Ultra Chrome K3 ink. It is ready for framing and matting is not necessary unless you wish to do so. Under glass your print has a longevity of over 120 years. You are bidding on one print only, the frame shown is for illustrative purposes only.

The prints are shipped flat so there will be no rolling or creases during transit. I hope that researchers or anyone interested or intrigued in the Sasquatch phenomena will find my paintings appealing and worthy of collecting as new paintings become available. Thank you for your interest and patronage.

TO ORDER PRINTS: contact Brian Cundle at
(please indicate "SASQUATCH PAINTINGS" the email subject header!)
PRINTS ARE $25.00 each
SHIPPING: $13.75 Canada Post / U.S. Airmail

(because, as he mentions, he ships them flat and they're coming from Canada. Multiple prints - up to all 6 - ship for $13.75!)
Contact Brian to place an order. Paypal is on option, as well.

If you happen to contact Brian and order one or more of his prints, please let him know you were swayed by this post. :-) I want one or more of these prints, too and will receive a commission for every piece ordered thanks to bigfootsongs dot com.

("Unexpected Roadblock")

Bart was so impressed that he commissioned Brian to create a painting depicting his thermal imager sighting from August 2007. Bart says of the painting, "It went above and beyond my expectations."

I've had some email interaction with Brian and he's a very nice, humble guy who is interested in selling some of his sasquatch art. What do you think?

Brian Cundle, welcome to the bigfoot world. Thanks for your artistic contributions!
They're awesome!

copyright notice added to each image by me...of course, they come w/o it. :-)

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