Tuesday, February 13, 2007 

Rocking with Sex Rat in Sacramento

the bigfoot songs echoed through the streets of Sacramento, CA last Saturday night...
The Town House club was the site of Zippy's 30th Birthday Bash and we got to play with Sex Rat, Filibuster and some other hot groups.

It couldn't have been a better setting...and a more appreciative crowd...
Zippy and Katy's friends and family packed the club and the music kept going late into the night. The Yamarone Brothers played "Bigfoot-The Living Legend", "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)" and "The Big Ol' Man" to start...then Sex Rat came on stage with Bobo and myself to rip through a full band version of "The Skookum Cast"...

Bigfoot was a hot topic everywhere I turned. Bobo and I were the ambassadors of squatchdom that night and I would guess there'll be a few Sacramento folks joining us this summer out bigfooting in the Sierras and in Humboldt County!
Yeah, it was a night that will make for many a campfire story!

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Sex Rat


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