Tuesday, January 29, 2008 

First Bigfoot Event of the Year - Olympia, WA

There was an excellent public event at the State Capital Museum in Olympia, WA last Saturday...and no, I was not able to attend. Some good friends were there, however, and sent along some photographs.

The museum is currently running an exhibit called "Giants in the Mountains: the Search for Sasquatch." The exhibit will be there through September 2008.

The recent event featured presentations by Rick Noll, Owen Caddy and Bob Gimlin.
Local members of the BFRO were also there to display field research equipment and photos.

Photo of Owen Caddy, Bob Gimlin and Clifton Barnes, Jan.26, 2008, Olympia, WA.
All photos in this post courtesy of Clifton Barnes.

Here are some links:
Giants in the Mountains exhibit info

Newspaper article about last Saturday's event

 Monday, January 28, 2008 

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