Friday, September 29, 2006 

The Dive Bombers Rock Shelter Cove

There are many fringe benefits to being a client of the Sasquatch Talent of them is being able to get on-stage in between sets of the Dive Bombers – a rocking original band from southern Humboldt County!

They played last Friday in Shelter Cove, CA at Nicki’s bar and the place was jumping!
I met so many friendly folks out there and had a rockin’ good time!

I got up and played “Bigfoot – The Living Legend” and “The Skookum Cast” and they still wanted more…so I gave ‘em a condensed version of “Jerry Crew (He Knew What to Do). What a great place and people to match! The vibe was incredible.

The Dive Bombers played two sets of up-beat, original songs and I can’t wait to see them again! Check out their MySpace site for some of their songs and their gig schedule.
The Dive Bombers mySpace site

(l to r: Bobo(band manager), Will(bass), Angie(guitar), Greg(drums), Graeme(vocals))

 Tuesday, September 19, 2006 

Meldrum and Bindernagel talking Bigfoot Thursday on Coast-to-Coast AM radio show

This Thursday night the Coast-to-CoastAM radio show (hosted by George Noory...and Art Bell on weekends)- you know, what I've referred to since 1993 as the Art Bell show - will be featuring Bigfoot Evidence as the topic of the night.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. John Bindernagel will be the guests!!

This promises to be an excellent show - probably the best bigfoot show since the nights when Art would have Ray Crowe on and last year when George featured Loren Coleman specifically talking about bigfoot.
Well, it certainly is a night to look forward to!

This show is heard ALL OVER THE check out their website (which is one of the most interesting sites on the net for info/photos of unusual stuff) for your local station.

DON'T MISS IT!! THURSDAY, SEPT. 21 ...10 PM on the West Coast
(Interview begins at 11 PM)

Top Photo: Tom and John Bindernagel seem pretty happy at the Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham, WA (May 28, 2005) He swapped me a copy of his excellent book for a CD...and he liked the Ballad of Albert O...esp the part about "getting carried away..."
Bottom Photo: Tom and Jeff Meldrum holding the footprint casts that Cliff and I acquired at the Bigfoot Rendezvous in Pocatello, Idaho. (June 2006) Hmmm...? I'm not sure if Jeff has a copy of my CD ...but he heard all the songs live at the Rendezvous...note to self: Send him a copy (there's only 8 left...)
His new book comes out today...."Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science" by Jeffrey Meldrum...I'll have to blog about that later...It's available at

p.s. all photos on this site copyright Tom give some credit when using them elsewhere...and you can contact me at
It would be great to hear from you who are reading this site...later bigfoot friends!

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's Some Family Vacation Photos

I had a nice trip to Felton for the Bigfoot Discovery Museum meeting Sunday night...a great group of bigfoot die-hards were there...It struck me on the way home that Summer is OVER and the Fall Equinox is days away...the weather is also getting beautifully crisp at here's a taste of the summer fun...

Pinecrest Lake, CA up in the Sierras...
and the bigfoot statue at the Strawberry Store...
San Francisco with visiting family...
Camping with the Bigfoot Museum in the redwoods...
"Alright, you've just won the Super Bowl...what are you going to do now?"

the Yeti track display near the Matterhorn at Disneyland...How'd they get it to step in the wet cement? I don't know... :-)

See you back here sooner than later...I'm excited about an up-coming Coast-to-Coast AM radio show...

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