Sunday, November 22, 2009 

"Bigfoot's Coming - Gonna Getcha, Gonna Getcha"

Earlier this month, I received an email asking about a bigfoot song from the 1970s:
"Back about 1977 in Minnesota I heard a song about Bigfoot and I think it was done by a DJ. Some of the lyrics went something like this.

Bigfoot's coming gonna getcha, gonna getcha
Better bolt your doors and lock your windows
'Cause Bigfoot's on the prowl

Have you ever heard it or know anything about this song?

Roy Gleason"

I had not heard the song but did a search of the net and found the lyrics.
The song was credited to "Bro Smith."
I replied to Roy with this info and heard back from him soon thereafter - he had found the song on-line!

Bro Smith, a popular DJ at Washington D.C.'s 98WRC (the Rock of the Capitol) wrote and recorded the song. His on-air name was Brother Love (or just "Brother") - real name, Alan Smith. Ever heard of him or this song? This was the era of Top 40 radio and here is a bigfoot song that came out around the time of the "bigfoot resurgence" of the mid-1970s.

To hear the song, click on the link below, scroll down and click on the 45rpm cover for the song and a new window will open. Click "play" on the media bar and enjoy!

Link to Brother Love's page at WRC Radio's tribute website

Thank you, Roy, for getting in touch and for following-up
with this. (if you want to contact me about a song or a bigfoot sighting or anything, my email is

 Wednesday, November 18, 2009 

Oregon Sasquatch Symposium June 19-20, 2010

I mentioned the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium on the blog talk interview last Wednesday and offered to post a link to where the information can be obtained.

Here's the link:

I am not involved with the planning of this event. Looks like it will be a big conference - the first BIG conference on the west coast since the Sasquatch Research Conference in Bellingham, Washington back in May 2005.

At this time, the line-up of speakers include
Autumn Williams ( (active links to the right --> )
Cliff Barackman (
Thom Powell
David Rodriguez
Kathy Moskowitz Strain (
Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Ron Morehead (
& Scott Nelson

Tickets go on sale November 30th.

A Bigfooting Year in Review...2009

The blog talk appearance tonight has me thinking back on 2009. I guess it's not too early to start taking a look back at how the year went. It sure was a good one - here's some notes and photos from my bigfooting outings in 2009.

2009 started with a bang as we had already announced the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up and January was a endless flow of emails and phone conversations. James "Bobo" Fay, Paul Graves, Bob Gimlin, Mary Lukehart and I really got to know each other.
It was such a pleasure organizing this milestone event. That frenetic - yet fun - pace continued all the way up to the weekend of May 15, 16 & 17 when we held the round-up in Naches, Washington.

Of course, during that time other things were happening. We had monthly meetings at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, CA. We had board of directors' meetings for the Alliance of Independent Bigfoot Researchers. But overall, personal interaction with 250 plus people defined the first four months of the year. It was really amazing getting to know the folks coming to the bigfoot round-up. And some of them had some amazing sasquatch encounters of their own to share. (I'll have to write up some of those stories with their permission over the Winter this year.)

2009 is certainly broken up into two pieces - before and after the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up.

Part 2 started with a social gathering at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. I like to refer to this event as Bella Cutino's Coming Out Party. This was my first chance to see Bart and Kim's beautiful baby. What a treat! Also got to see friends from the round-up and from the museum. This was early June.

Later that month, I finally got out into the woods to do some field research with my friend Brian Horton from Redding, California. We had a met the previous October in the Bluff Creek area and it worked out great this year to meet him in Redding and go out bigfooting in either the Shasta-Trinity National Forest or over near Bluff in the Six Rivers National Forest.

Family events took precedence throught the rest of summer although I did get to do something really fun in late July. Bobo was asked to be share some of his sasquatch expertise and experience with two young film makers from southern California.

They were meeting to spend 2 days and a night shooting footage for a television pilot. Bobo invited me to join him and bring along the guitar and the call blaster. It was indeed a "blast" but I'll tell you, it was a business-like atmosphere "on the set" with this crew. The Golembeske Brothers (Ryan and Josh) star as the Monster Brothers and bigfoot was the subject this weekend. "Bigfoot, beer & babes" was our motto.

We still haven't seen the footage but the Monster Brothers DID win the 2009 New York Television Award for best non-scripted pilot. This was them out searching for a sea monster off the coast of Rhode Island, their home state. Hey, I didn't know what I was getting into, but it turned out to be golden! :-)

August 2009
One Night Stand at Bluff Creek...afternoon in Willow Creek. Getting my bigfoot fix before a long family vacation.
Aloha! Missed out on the Believe Tour as they came down the Bigfoot Scenic Highway. We crossed paths as the famly returned from a Maui vacation and I packed up the civic to go meet Paul Graves, Bob Gimlin, Cliff Barackman and Jerry Hein at a private gathering in Oregon.

September 2009
BFRO expedition in Northern California. Four days in the redwoods bigfooting with good friends. Brian Horton, Jim Sorensen, Jessica Phillips, the Brotherton Sisters, Michael, Kevin, the Garcias, Seth & many more. Guest appearance by Robert Leiterman.
Also featuring an amazing afternoon with The Leavitt's up in Crescent City.

The Cutino Wedding Anniversary Celebration weekend in Monterey.
Bobo, Cliff, Matt, Wally, Jade, Terry, Stephanie, Mike & Paul together to represent the bigoot friends of Bart and Kim.

October 2009
Bigfooting in Humboldt County with Terry Smith, Brian Horton, James "Bobo" Fay and Robert Leiterman with special guests Ellen and Leah.

Bigfoot Discovery Day III.
Kathy & Bob Strain, Ron Morehead, Scott Nelson, Bill Munns, Craig Woolheater, Sharon Lee Lomurno, Mike Rugg, Robert Leiterman, Jerry Hein, Todd Hale, Joyce Kearney and many others.

(photo by Brad Pennock, Believe It Tour 2009)

(NOTE: see slide show in previous blog down below Halloween posts...)

 Tuesday, November 17, 2009 

Blog Talk Appearance Wed, Nov 18th @ 6:00 pm Pacific Time

I was a guest on a blog talk's the Grey Area hosted by my friends Monica Rawlins and Melissa Hovey. To hear the archive of the 60 minute call/interview, follow the link below:

Link to Tom Yamarone on the Grey Area archive recording

It was just like talking around the campfire...

 Thursday, November 12, 2009 

Crescent City bigfoot sighting report - August 19, 2009

One of the great things about getting out on bigfoot expeditions and small private outings has been the chance to meet local residents who have had sightings or encounters with these elusive creatures. Here is one such report I received in late August this year. We visited the location and met with the witness in mid-September. But first let me tell you how I came to meet this gentleman who has lived in the mountains above Crescent City, CA for over 30 years.

(Photo Caption: a wet time in the redwoods. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Walker Road. We were a few miles away late one night when we had that chance meeting with local resident & eyewitness, Dan.)

In November 2006, we were standing near our vehicles in the hills above Crescent City, California when a friendly local stopped to ask if we needed any help. We ended up telling him what we were doing (some calling and wood knocking above Myrtle Creek - looking for bigfoot, evidence and trying to document such) and he wished us luck. He happened back 2 hours later and saw us still there standing in the drizzle. Later he confided that our determination and friendly demeanor led him to share his sighting experience with us. And that's exactly what he did.

He pulled over and shut his engine off and we proceeded to have a nice chat with this gentleman about a bigfoot sighting he had recently on the same road. He observed a large, upright creature with grey hair crossing the road as he approached late one night in October that year. He observed it take 3 strides, swinging its arms as it walked. He said it turned to look at his vehicle and proceeded on its way into the woods heading in the direction of the Smith River.

This summer his wife had a sighting on August 19th at 8:00 a.m. as she was driving down that same road - Low Divide Road. It is one that provides access to dozens of mountain residences as well as access to parts of the Six Rivers National Forest.

As she was driving towards town, she came around a bend as the road descended a steep incline and there was a large, dark brown creature standing just off the shoulder in the ferns and undergrowth to the left. It was distinctly visible on the berm of the graded gravel road. She ran through the possibilities of what she was observing and realized it was a sasquatch based on its size, shape and upright posture. The creature bent over, then stood up and took two steps into the forest and down a hillside. She stopped her truck and noted the location. Later that day, she told her husband of her sighting and they returned to the spot to look for sign. They found some matted down foliage but the substrate was not conducive to tracks. They were nice enough to give me a call at that point.

(Photo Caption: View up the road to where the witness' vehicle stopped. This photo taken where the creature was standing.)

Albeit brief, she had a clear look at this creature from just over 150 feet away. It was approximately 8 feet tall, had dark brown hair and she could clearly see that it was bipedal. She observed the movement of the legs after it bent over and walked off into the woods. She said that its head was set into the shoulders, it had long arms and muscular legs. The lighting conditions afforded her a good view for 10 - 15 seconds as she slowed her truck to a stop and the bigfoot stood and stepped calmly into the woods.

(Photo Caption: Brian stands in the spot where the bigfoot was seen. It then walked down the wooded slope to the left.)

The location is above a steep ravine with dense vegetation. The Smith River is only 4 miles away at this point. After interviewing his wife, Dan then took us around up near their residence in the national forest to show us locations we might want to explore or camp in during a research outing. Their sightings and other stories they have heard have picqued their interest. That area and the rest of Del Norte County have a rich history of bigfoot sightings.

(Photo caption: Exploring a nearby forest with Dan and Brian. September 2009)

Here's a report that has not made it to the larger databases and came to me by way of local contacts. We'll keep in touch with our friends in this area and will plan on conducting some research outings in the national forest nearby this Winter and next Spring.

(All photos by Tom Yamarone. Please inquire if you wish to use any photos from this website. Thanks.

 Wednesday, November 11, 2009 

John Green's extensive sasquatch database NOW ON-LINE

Big news in the sasquatch research community:
John Green's sasquatch sightings database is available to the public

John Green's

John Green and Tom visiting in December 2005, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

I've just started searching through some of the reports.

There are hundreds of "fields" with which to define your search. It's daunting in some ways. For example, I plugged in "Del Norte" in the county field with California selected for the state and showed no results. Later I did a search for sightings
with a duration of 2 minutes and that resulted in 55 very interesting entries.
Within that result was a sighting from Del Norte County, California and the county was listed as "Del Norte Cty" - that's what I should have entered in my search.

Have at it and let me know what you think - or let me know if you find
a very interesting report to share.

You can see by the dates these reports were entered (many back in 1993), that this has been a project long in the making for John Green. Over 16 years to get his database into a searchable format.

The home page features an excellent summary of John's interest and efforts
with regards to the sasquatch mystery and his database of sightings and reports.

"Years have gone by while the database grows old, unused in my computer, and at least one other now surpasses it in the quantity of reports, but I do not know of any that are searchable to anything approaching the same degree. I have therefore gone to the expense of having the whole thing converted, in ways far beyond my understanding, to a form where everyone can use it, and perhaps expand it with information of their own.
I hope someone out there will make the effort and the cost worthwhile"

Many thanks to the life-long efforts of John Green in this fascinating search.

"Throughout the sixties he stayed on the track,
Collecting reports and sorting the facts.
His database of sightings and evidence increased,
(now in 2009, the searchable version is released.)"
"He was out seeking sasquatch, wasn't seeking no glory,
He was the one documenting the story.
Who was always one of the first on the scene?
If a sasquatch had been there, so had John Green." - yours truly from The Ballad of John Green

 Thursday, November 05, 2009 

John Green & Bob Gimlin Put Blog Talk to the Test Tonight

Two of the people I admire most in sasquatch research will be guests on a blog talk show tonight. Now, is that worth promoting or "linking up"? Heck yeah!

These two gentlemen are appearing on Larry Battson's Wild World to discuss and dismiss the ludicrous Bluff Creek massacre theory...and other topics from their
legendary involvement with this subject.

so, this is happening tonight at 8 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. It's the buzz of the bigfoot world for the last few days.

Here's the link. Enjoy the show and have a great day!

Link to Blog Talk show featuring John Green and Bob Gimlin

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World