Tuesday, March 20, 2007 

NPK & Shelter Cove - It MUST Be ST. PADDY'S DAY!

Oh, it was a hard day's night...St. Patrick's Day 2007 found me driving north to my favorite southern Humboldt hangout - Nicki's in Shelter Cove...I guess it's my favorite when all the great people are there like Bobo, Gregg & Patti, Brian and NPK!!

They kicked off their tour of Humboldt County on Saturday and they packed that place!

It was one big drunken brawl every now and then, but us peace loving, bigfoot-seeking songwriters know how to avoid trouble...buy 'em a drink!

yeah, it was EPIC! here are the shots to prove it!
thanks for having me up to play between sets!
great to see everyone!
Can't wait to get back up there and see my two favorite bands: NPK and the Divebombers!
and Bobo 'n' Big Bri, too!

 Friday, March 09, 2007 

Bigfooters Meet at Bigfoot Discovery Museum

It was a great get-together last Saturday with some very good friends from the bigfoot world...

We had a special monthly meeting at the bigfoot museum in Felton, CA.

We heard about what's up with the Texas Bigfoot Conservancy from founder Craig Woolheater (there with his wife Marcy and their friends Patrick and Mitchell.)...

Bob and Kathy Strain were there (two of my very best bigfooting friends!) along with the boys...Zachary and Jacob!
John and Montra Freitas made it, too! the Godfather of Call-Blasting and his wife - and a squatchin' buddy from Tahoe and Operation Odyssey...

my bro in bigfootin' Bart Cutino, Lance McVay, Mike Barrow, Greg and his little bigfooter Joaquin, Mellow and Ralph and Colton from San Jose...all were there!

Nice group of folks...

We have a casual time while at the musuem meetings...it's a friendly atmosphere (of course!) and there's usually a Heineken or Anchor Steam beer not too far out of reach!

Out in the Woods - Santa Cruz Mtns

How's everyone doing? I got out with Bobo (aka Jimbo Fay), Mike Rugg and Bart Cutino a couple of weeks ago...we saw some beautiful redwood canyons and hiked around at the Portola Redwoods State Park...might be camping there sometime in May...it was a blast! there's some great forests right over the hill from San Jose...check 'em out and keep your eyes (and cameras) peeled for the big guy!

Interested in camping with some local bigfooters?
Call the Bigfoot Discovery Museum
tell them the Yams told ya to call!
(weekends from 10 am - 6 pm)
We're planning a weekend outing in early May...

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