Friday, May 05, 2006 

Bigfoot and a British Comedian

I was lucky enough to spend the day on April 14th with John and Montra Freitas, Mike Rugg and a film crew from the UK's comedy hit, Bo Selecta! Comedian Leigh Francis brought his crew to California to film bits for next season's shows and he contacted John Freitas to participate in the bigfoot episode. We'll see how it turns out come September. The joke is on the character, Avid Merion - who on this day was dressed as "Marilyn". It was indeed very funny as once he gets into character, everything becomes a twisted dialogue. The producer had me play a version of "Bigfoot - The Living Legend" with "Marilyn" dancing around beside me deep in the redwood forest. Wonder if that will make the cutting room floor?
Either way, it was a good day spent laughing with friends...

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