Thursday, December 23, 2010 

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through the world, bigfoots take a backseat for the holidays.
but big things are in the works.

 Friday, December 17, 2010 

The Passing of Steven "Indy" Pickett - Keep Him & His Family in Mind

(with "Indy" at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference, May 2010)

We received the news Monday that our friend from Ohio, Steven Pickett, had passed away in his sleep at home. There was no warning - no prolonged illness or an accident - his passing was sudden and a terrible blow to those who knew him.

He was a friend to many and known throughout the bigfoot community on-line and back East as "Indy" - or IndyBFHunter.

We got to know Steve prior to traveling to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference in May as he organized a tribute lunch for Bob Gimlin that weekend. That afternoon, his magnanimous spirit was evident as he went above and beyond his duties as the host. His whole family was there pitching in to make the event run smoothly and he was surrounded by friends in the bigfoot community. It was a pinnacle moment for Steve as he presided over this memorable lunch for Bob Gimlin. Thankfully, we get to relive that afternoon in photographs and will always cherish them.

(Bob Gimlin poses with Steve "Indy" Pickett and members of the U.S.Bigfoot Research Association at the barbeque lunch at Salt Fork State Park, Ohio.)

(Steve presents Bob Gimlin with a commemorative gift at the lunch - a pinnacle moment in Indy's bigfooting life.)

The memorial service and funeral will take place in a few hours. When you read this, think something nice and send a positive thought his way. He was one of the good hearts in this endeavor. He will be missed by many.

Steven W. Pickett
March 1, 1972 - December 13, 2010

Steven W. Pickett, age 38, of Fredericktown, Ohio, and formerly of Linton, Indiana, died peacefully in his sleep on Monday evening, December 13, 2010, at his residence.

On March 1, 1972, Steve was born in Linton, Indiana, the son of the late Wilson and Carolyn Mae (Marshall) Pickett. He graduated from White River Valley High School in Switz City, Indiana, in the Class of 1991.

On May 21, 2004, Steve married the love of his life, Robin A. Jardon. They shared a special bond over the last six years.

Steve was the founder of the USBRA (United States Bigfoot Research Association). He hosted an internet radio show for the association and organized many picnics and get-togethers for the members. He was proud to have two Bigfoot sightings in his life.

An avid fisherman, Steve loved casting his reel anywhere he was able to fish. One of his dreams was to go deep sea fishing and catch a shark. He also enjoyed collecting guns and was known for his massive collection of Transformers.

Steve was a kind hearted and outgoing person who would go out of his way to talk to you and become a friend.

Steve will be dearly missed by his wife, Robin, of Fredericktown; his two children: Kelli Pickett of Fredericktown and Brandon Pickett of Salem, Indiana; four step children: Jonathan Jardon, Todd, Ashley, and Joshua Wolford, all of Fredericktown; five brothers: Bill, Lannie, Rex, Dan, and Jim Pickett, all of Newberry, Indiana; four sisters: Sharon (Lyn) Wilson of Fairborn, Ohio, Connie (Terry) Beckett of Pekin, Indiana, Hazel King and Donna Houser of Newberry, Indiana; and many nieces, nephews, and close friends.

In addition to his parents, Steve was preceded in death by a sister, Lisa Pickett.

Steve’s family will greet friends from 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Friday, December 17, 2010 at the Snyder Funeral Home, 76 S. Main St., Mount Gilead, Ohio. Services celebrating his life will follow at 1:00 p.m. with Rev. Virgil Sheriff officiating. Burial will follow in Shauck Cemetery.

 Wednesday, December 15, 2010 

John Bindernagel - TV News Interview Worth Viewing

Take a couple of minutes and enjoy the wit and wisdom of Dr. John Bindernagel.

It's encouraging to have someone of his expertise and experience participating
in the endeavor to solve the sasquatch/bigfoot "mystery."

 Thursday, December 09, 2010 

Tribute to John Green being planned for April 2011

"Who was always one of the first on the scene? If a sasquatch had been there, so had John Green!" - fr. "the Ballad of John Green" (T.Y. 2005)

I wanted to share the "big" news with you folks who actually visit this website on a regular basis. For the past 3 weeks, I've been in contact with the primary particpants and some friends as we organzie a tribute to legendary sasquatch author and researcher, John Green.

The concept is very similar to what we did with the tribute to Bob Gimlin and Roger Patterson at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up in 2009. We plan to have a weekend of activities centered around a day that will feature a sasquatch conference and a tribute dinner honoring John Green that evening.

The Sasquatch Summit
- a Tribute to John Green
Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.
April 8, 9, & 10, 2011 (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

(John Green and Bob Gimlin share a friendly greeting 5 years ago.)

Mark your calendars and get your passport in order.
Event details are still in negotiation with local businesses.
No need to do anything regarding tickets or room reservations until the event is
formally announced. Check back here or let me know you are interested.
(my email: )
Emails will be sent out as soon as we're ready to begin taking ticket reservations.

Just wanted to let you know it is happening.

Who is "on-board"?
Jeff Meldrum
John Bindernagel
Christopher L. Murphy
Bob Gimlin
Thomas Steenburg
David Hancock
Bill Miller
local witness Mark Quarton
and others to be announced when we confirm their attendance.

We hope this will be a gathering of researchers, authors and enthusiasts much the same way the bigfoot round-up brought together a who's who of the bigfoot community.

(sasquatch statue in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.)

The idea was something I tossed around in casual conversation with the round-up organizers and other friends. Brian Horton of Redding, California ignited the spark again this fall that led to the current activity; Alex and Lesley Solunac of Victoria, British Columbia will be organizing the event with me and Scott McClean of Pacific Palisades, California made it all happen by having me call John Green one Tuesday morning in late November. Near the end of that short phone call, I asked John if he would be amenable to a tribute event in the Spring, he replied, "Yes, that would be fine. It will be nice to have my friends altogether in one place."

(aerial view of quaint Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia. Known for it's scenery and international sand castle competition, the village will host the Sasquatch Summit in April 2011.)

It will require a bit more effort to make it Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. - 2 hours east of Vancouver, B.C. - but it'll be worth it! If you regard John Green and his work as highly as we do, you'll try your best to be there!

you know what they say: "Be there or be _____."

 Tuesday, December 07, 2010 

Bellingham 2005 Redux - Memorable Research Conference Available on DVD Set

Dateline: May 28, 2005

A Saturday I'll always remember - meeting Bob Gimlin somewhere off of Interstate 5 near Everett, Washington and traveling "caravan-style" to the Sasquatch Research Conference. Along on this adventure, Scott McClean and Cliff Barackman after a timely set of arrivals at Seattle Int'l Airport.

The gathering of researchers and authors was one for the ages only 2 years after Willow Creek's historic bigfoot conference. In retrospect, it was the only time I'd get to meet Ray Crowe. Jeff Meldrum, Christopher Murphy, John Bindernagel, Thomas Steenburg, Thom Powell, Ron Morehead & Al Berry, Robert Alley, Craig Woolheater, Loren Coleman, John Kirk, Dan Perez, Autumn Williams, John Andrews, Owen Caddy, Lloyd Pye, sasquatch artist Paul Smith, Kelly Berdahl and Kewaunee Lapseritis were all in attendance and/or presenting at the conference. Event organizers Jason Valenti, his wife (the late) Star Sams, and Paul Smith allowed me to participate by playing a song to start each day of lectures. It was amazing. There was a heartfelt tribute to Bob Gimlin after the rendition of "Roger & Bob (Rode Out That Day)" on the last day of the conference.

After we settled in from our travels, friends began to gather. James "Bobo" Fay arrived to join us. Alex and Lesley Solunac came over from Victoria, British Columbia. We met up with Paul Graves for the first time at a campfire near Mt. Baker along with a dozen or so friends from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization that included Kristine Walls, KevinJones, Chris Bradley, Tracy Herigstad, David Bruce and Dennis Pfohl. They shared their camp and we shared our room (and shower!) with them. The 3 day event featured excellent presentations, a wide variety of vending (that's where I also met Brandon Tennant, Cameron Lindberg and Ken Gerhart)and plenty of time spent talking with other bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers. Wow! IT WAS AN EPIC GATHERING!! Friendships were cemented that weekend.

It is also what started this blog and website - thanks to Scott McClean and Norby. I wrote up the whole experience in a 6 page expose in the June 2005 edition of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum newsletter. I could go on and on and on about this conference but why bother?

Because now you can experience the milestone event on DVD and uploaded videos on the internet. The DVD set is $56.00 - 6 DVDs and access to the videos on-line. It's something every bigfoot collector will want in their library - and for those who were not able to attend, it's one way to experience that weekend in May 2005.

The Sasquatch Research Conference 2005 DVD set - order here

I'll never forget it - and now, neither will you!

(Al Berry and Ron Morehead both speaking on their Sierra Sounds recordings.)

(Scott McClean with Daniel Perez. Everywhere you turned was someone you knew - or should get to know.)

(a D'sonoqua totem in front of a residence on the Lummi Island Reservation near Bellingham, Washington.)

(John Kirk with Loren Coleman. Only time I've met Loren - a rare west coast appearance for him.)

(Paul Graves plays one of his sasquatch songs at the Saturday night campfire.)

 Saturday, December 04, 2010 

Radio Appearance, Sunday at 7 PM with John Bindernagel

(Enjoying the weekend at the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up: Dr. John Bindernagel and yours truly.)

Tomorrow night at 7 PM go ahead a TiVO "60 Minutes" or Sunday Night Football because Dr. John Bindernagel and I will be the first hour guests on

the Gary Mantz Show
- Mastery and Mystery
on Seattle Radio Station
KKNW 1140 AM

The Gary Mantz Show Website - LISTEN LIVE HERE

(Seattle Radio Host Gary Mantz)

It should be a fun, informative hour - please call in and join the show!

 Thursday, December 02, 2010 

Bob Saget's take on Bigfoot Research : Uninformed but Funny...

...if you like Bob Saget (*and I do!*), you'll like this episode
of his new series "Strange Days" (A&E network).

We've all had a couple of days to let it sink in after seeing the show on
Tuesday night (Nov. 30th) and it was about what we were expecting.

I'm happy with it. Sure, it pokes fun at me - they even overdubbed a squeaky voice saying "Whee!" - when they show me galloping through the woods. Hey, that's funny!

and the other comic moments are mostly at our expense, but again I'll say, we're confident enough in what we're doing, what we're pursuing and the evidence in hand to have a sense of humor, too.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the laughs of the Bob Saget and Bobo show.

be sure to watch the end credits - the last 26 seconds - which feature my song
"Bigfoot - The Living Legend" and features Bobo, Paul Graves and Mike Rugg along
with Bob Saget and some of our friends in Paul's awesome teepee!

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World