Friday, July 14, 2006 

Rockin' at the Bigfoot Museum

May found us down in Felton, CA at the bigfoot museum...(see virtual tour below).

Many new exhibits have been added and the display on the Patterson-Gimlin film is epic! It's been revamped with new photos, a camera just like Patterson used, bios about the men and both footprint casts they made that day...October 20, 1967.

The museum had a bigfoot van in the town's Memorial Day parade and it was a kid favorite at the festival were the costumed bigfoots walking around the festival. They joined me on-stage for a version of "Bigfoot-The Living Legend".

A week later, the Alliance brought their music to the museum for a day of rockin' fun...I hope you get a chance to stop by and see this little jewel of a bigfoot museum...make that road-trip to the Santa Cruz, CA area and stop in!

Tell them Tom sent you!

 Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

The Yams is BACK!

I've got a lot of catching up to do...had some technical difficulties posting pics sometime back in April...then Norby ( and Scott ( worked their website magic and we're back in business.

Scott worked up some new artwork for the ol'CD and we've got 40 new copies for sale...

but before that happened, there was a fateful Birthday Bash and Blizzard in South Lake Tahoe.

Bobo's 30th Birthday Bash was a chance to jam with Sex Rat and the wailing guitar wizardry of Zippy (you might know him from Bargain Music)...see the first photo of Zippy and Dev.

Well, we were all there on Saturday, April 15th celebrating Bobo's big day and were ready to rock "The Skookum Cast" with the band.
Bobo had a big, white Yeti costume thanks to the snowboard film guys in S.Lake Tahoe and Quinn (from the Wagon) had a dark bigfoot costume thanks to Mike at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum. The bigfoots stormed the stage with arms swinging and big, squatchy strides and we brought the house down!

Here's a photo from the magic moment. Don't think musical moments like this happen too often... :-) YEAH!

all right! thanks again to Scott and Norby for kicking the site back in gear!more to come about the bigfoot museum grand opening...and our wild road trip to the bigfoot rendezvous...later!

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