Tuesday, April 22, 2014 

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2014 - Returning to Salt Fork State Park

It will be exciting to return to southeastern Ohio later this week to see  friends, colleagues & "new friends" at the annual bigfoot gala event at Salt Fork State Park. We are bringing some of California's finest bigfoot history to the conference this year as well. Bob Gimlin and I will be presenters at the Ohio Bigfoot Conference and Bluff Creek, California is our common theme. Bob is famous - of course - for the Patterson-Gimlin Film from October 20, 1967.  Enthusiasts and bigfoot researchers alike appreciate his recounting of the events of that fateful day. Cliff Barackman, long-time friend and Finding Bigfoot star, will be there as well. 

Bluff Creek drainage from one high above.
(photo by Tom Yamarone)
I will share a summary review of the major bigfoot events that have occurred in and around the Bluff Creek drainage in the Six Rivers National Forest. If I have one thing to be grateful for in the last 11 years, it has to be the consistent trips to this area. Fortunately, I always had (and utilized) my camera, so photographs are abundant. With these I will present a "virtual tour" of Bluff Creek as it is in the present day allowing those at the conference to see what it is like in this rugged, remote part of Northern California that is very historic and significant in the annals of bigfoot evidence and lore.

the site on Bluff Creek where
Patterson & Gimlin had their fateful encounter -
things have changed in 46 years.

I'll be providing updates from the conference at my Facebook account (Tom Yamarone) as well as my Twitter feed: @bigfootsongs.   Looking forward to seeing you in Ohio if you are attending - and sending my best to the rest of you! Take care.

the Willow Creek - China Flat Museum
Herein resides a wealth of bigfoot evidence
in the form of plaster footprint casts.
The repository for much of the evidence from this region
including Bluff Creek.
Bob Strain in July 2006. Photo by yours truly.

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