Thursday, September 27, 2012 

Surrounded by Deer Hunters in the Sierras

Well, so much for checking the calendar. I thought, "Hey, 2 weeks after Labor Day should be a good time to be out in the woods."  Little did I know that deer hunting season was set to open the very same weekend in this zone - our favorite spot in the Stanislaus National Forest. 

We were camping with a few folks from our Bay Area Bigfoot group meetings. And we chose to camp at a campground this time so we could have a campfire as fire restrictions are in place throughout the forests of California.

We scouted some great areas on Saturday and were out both Friday and Saturday nights trying to elicit some calls or other responses.

Enjoy the photographs from our trip. The Sierras in September are a hot, dry experience.

Dry conditions prevail at Bell Meadow on a hot September afternoon.

Fahey Cabin, an historic homestead in the Stanislaus National Forest, sits along Forest Road 31 as it has for 150 years.

Bigfoot statue at the Strawberry Store along Hwy 108, the Sonora Pass.

All that's left of a lily pond near Bell Meadow - perfect for tracks in the remnant mud.

Bear track - front paw - in the mud of the lily pond.

Duffy, Jerry and myself after our walk around Bell Meadow.

the fire spirit erupts at Hull Creek campground. Secret ingredient: big sugar pine cones.

a beautiful high Sierra sunset caps off the weekend outing.

 Friday, September 21, 2012 

Space Shuttle Endeavor Flyover Photos

  had a very memorable morning at Merritt College in the Oakland Hills...

was over there to see the space shuttle Endeavor as it performed the slow fly-over of San Francisco Bay and some local landmarks. 

We had a close pass as it headed north along the East Bay - that's where the photos came from.
Then we waited patiently as eagle-eye Crystal spotted it returning to the left of the Sutro Towers.
it then flew along the San Francisco waterfront and passed through the Golden Gate Bridge.

Enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime event with some of the students and teachers at Merritt - I think they just liked my binoculars! :-)  It was awesome to view!

Here are my photos. Please credit me if you share them... (click on them for the large version to view)
Photos copyright 2012 Tom Yamarone.
Thanks and enjoy!

Here comes the shuttle!! First view of Endeavor on top of  NASA's custom 747.

a clear view of the fly-by... with the escort F-18 fighter jet.

as seen from Merritt College in the Oakland Hills.  Fly on, Endeavor! :-)

And there she goes!  a close configuration of aircraft - & a spacecraft, too!

more bigfoot news and photos from my recent outing in the Sierras with the Bay Area Bigfoot Group tomorrow!

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