Friday, February 15, 2013 

We Raised Our Glasses High for Scott McClean!

Last Saturday, family and friends of Scott McClean gathered at his favorite pub to celebrate his life and share our thoughts & feelings about our wonderful friend.

It was what he wanted - a celebration, not mourning. And by holding it at the Daily Pint on Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica, it ensured that we'd be raising our glasses high and putting a few back, too!

Here are my photos from the memorial gathering. It was very cathartic to spend some time with his parents Larry & Sandy, and Susan, the love of his life, his brother Todd & his wife, along with close friends as well as former co-workers and social acquaintances. We also enjoyed a slideshow of photographs from throughout Scott's life. And in some way, began to heal the hole in our hearts left by his passing.

the centerpiece table - with mementos of Scott

Gathering with family & friends of Scott's.
Susan with friends.

Scott's father, Larry (2nd from left) with friends of his.

my brother Chuck, Terry & Todd - doing Scott's bidding! :-)

Shane, Todd McClean (Scott's brother), Shane's wife Kelly and me.

a general view of the memorial gathering

the bartender was sporting a shirt from Scott.
Bigfoot friends in attendance: Terry, Todd, Daniel and yours truly.

Lynda & Jon
He knew a lot of good people - and many were there.
Santa Monica beach - a view Scott enjoyed every time he walked the dogs.


 Wednesday, February 13, 2013 

The Yamarone Brothers make a rare live appearance

Last week found us traveling to both ends of the state. The Discovery Network had arranged to shoot some footage for a behind the scenes look at Bobo's life in Humboldt County and he invited us to headline a benefit show at the Six Rivers Brewery last Friday.

The marquee at the Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville, CA.

This would be a rare reunion of the Yamarone Brothers - what we call ourselves when I get to play with an incredible band of musicians from Sacramento, CA.  Zippy (Zach Goodin) has played amazing lead guitar in some great bands -  Bargain Music & SexRat being the most notable. On this occasion, SexRat had transformed into Phil & the Blanx.  And when I joined them during this variety show, we became the Yamarone Brothers. Bud Gaugh, a close friend of Zippy and Bobo's & famous for his band Sublime, joined the Yam Bros. on drums. Marc "Dirty German" Kallweit drives these songs with his bass guitar wizardry. It was a blast playing through our three song set!  "Skookum Cast", "Roger & Bob (Rode Out That Day)" and "Jerry Crew (He Knew What To Do)".My camcorder captured complete versions of the first two songs during a warm up show on Thursday.

I'm just giving you a little background to accompany these dark, grainy, LOUD videos of us rockin' out! These are high energy, fast paced, punk-meets-folk-rock renditions of my bigfoot songs! Hope you like this change of pace - "I think we're moving too fast..."   :-)   Enjoy!

Video of us performing "Skookum Cast"
Video of "Roger & Bob (Rode Out That Day)"
...more to come later about the trip to the Redwoods and our journey to Santa Monica, CA for a fitting memorial for Scott on Saturday. 

 Friday, February 01, 2013 

Scott McClean - In Memoriam - a Loving Retrospective

UPDATE:   Los Angeles Area Memorial Announced  ;   Beautiful Obituary Published.



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You know, it's OK to say you love someone, especially if you mean it. And in the case of our great friend Scott McClean I can without reservation say, "I love you, man!"

Still one of my favorite photos of Scott - high above the Suattle River on Green Mountain in Washington, May 2005

He died on Wednesday after an extended battle with cancer. No need to detail it here because it was the most unfair situation you could imagine. It was one thing to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, but it also had to be the most aggressive and complicated form of the disease. Scott and his loved ones were strong until the end. They never wanted to hear a prognosis of how long he had to live. Ultimately, he had a reluctant acceptance of this fate. Sure, we're all going to be there someday. This was just much too soon.

Scott McClean
1962 - 2013
photo copyright Tom Yamarone

What we want to remember and celebrate here is his life - albeit much too short. Scott had just turned 50 in December. I was fortuntate to know him for 1/5 of those 50 years. And it was bigfoot and our interest in the subject that brought us together. I don't know where this retrospective will go in the next few days; have not been able to really sort out this huge loss. Condolences and shared memories have been expressed by phone and in writing since we heard the news at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

At Fish Lake in the Six Rivers National Forest near Bluff Creek, July 2012
photo by Tom Yamarone

Bobo, yours truly and Scott. Excited and happy to begin our journey to Bluff Creek last July.

But let's start with his first immense contribution to the bigfoot community - his awesome "life-size" wall banner of the bigfoot from the Patterson-Gimlin film.  Scott and his friend Scott Salsman assembled this first version like a jig saw puzzle - page by page and then brought it to the Willow Creek International Bigfoot Symposium in September 2003. (in Willow Creek, California, of course).
Everyone in attendance wanted to have their photo taken in front of it!  And there it is in the background of many a bigfoot enthusiast's photo.

Scott with the PG film banner, Willow Creek Bigfoot Symposium, 2003
photo courtesy of Scott McClean

Later in October 2007 when we held the Patterson-Gimlin Film 40th Anniversary Celebration back in Willow Creek, Scott had made a more permanent version on vinyl. It was the centerpiece of the event and again, photos posing in front of it abound.

with Terry Smith, Sherry Ledenbach and Dave McCullough, PG Film 40th Anniv. event, October 20, 2007
photo copyright Tom Yamarone

Guess we'll always think of Scott now when we see that giant bigfoot banner.


The next chapter simply must involve his extensive research into on-line, subscription newspaper archives where he was able to glean close to 500 articles that involved bigfoot dating back to the mid-1800s.  He sorted these chronologically by state and Canadian province.  It was his passion - his relentless passion - to find these articles and read them to friends. He never backed down from a debate about the validity of these creatures and this enthusiasm earned him the self-proclaimed moniker of "Tirademan".  Scott Salsman shared with me how excited he would get whenever he made a new discovery in the archives of some article that clearly depicted bigfoot and bigfoot-like behavior back in the pioneer era.  Scott said he would print the page and bring it to bar to read to everyone. Ha!  (another trademark McClean-ism).

Eventually the printed articles were assembled into a big entitled "Big News Prints" and a very few were printed out at the old Kinko's near his house. He then began to distribute the book on CD and that's how many people have it.


...a work in progress. As memory and time allow.

Thoughts and sentiments from Facebook:

Tom Y:
We met, like you and I Craig, at the Willow Creek International Bigfoot Symposium in September 2003. And stayed in touch because Scott's friend Scott Salzman (sp?) videotaped the impromptu performance of the bigfoot song. So, that kept us in touch. and I guess it was via the bigfootforums and emails/messages until we traveled to the Bellingham Sasquatch Research Conference in May 2005. From then on, we were always in touch and very close. Scott was a big part of all the conferences I have organized. He designed the event graphics - posters, t-shirts, etc. And then was on-hand to make sure all the presentations went smoothly. That's just the working relationship we had. Beyond that, we were as close as brothers...brothers from different mothers. His legacy is the Big News Prints and that wealth of evidenciary information gleaned from newspaper archives. And he had added to the original collection in the last few years. Scott McClean was a talented, intelligent, creative and compassionate individual whose contributions to bigfoot research and the on-going dialogue were significant, serious and unrelenting.
hmmm? yeah, still getting my thoughts together.
He is sorely missed and dearly loved.

Dave McCullough:
So sorry Tom about Scott! It was great hanging with you guys at the 40th anniversary of the P.G. film at Willow Creek and the Yakima Round Up. I just listened to the disc he gave me with the Buddy Knox interview and songs and other bigfoot info recently and was thinking of him,he hardly knew me and handed it to me and said you can have this its all bigfoot. Very sad to hear that,he's in my thoughts and prayers,God Bless.
Alex Solunac:
Scott was such a nice guy, genuine, friendly, kind, a wonderful graphic artist and a great researcher in the field of finding hundreds of historical Sasquatch reports in old documents and newspapers. Very sad news today. Scott will be sadly missed by us all.
Paul Graves:
So sorry to hear about the loss of Scott he fought a hard battle ,I first met Scott in 2009 at the Yakima roundup where myself Tom Yamarone and James "Bobo Fay 'were the organizers, Scott did some fine work on the subject we are all interested in, and was just a down to earth super cool guy, you will be remembered always ,R.I.P
Henry May:
I first met Scott at Yakima too, and was always struck by the positive spirit and energy he had. He greeted me like we had known each other for years. Last time I saw him was in Harrison Hot Springs, and I knew by then that he was sick, and really hoped for the best. I know this is difficult for you, Yams, and I miss him too. My favorite memory of HHS (besides meeting John Green) was all of us sitting around the table at the Old Settler's Inn Pub laughing it up and having a great time. If we ever get to sit around a table again, we will still have him with us. I also remember him being there with us at the campfire in Yakima and how fun that was. RIP Scott.
Kelly Milner-Halls:

October 2010 in Santa Cruz with our new friend, Chris Huntze.

Oh no, Tom, that's so sad. Scott was so kind and generous with his research when I was researching SASQUATCH -- just an incredibly decent human being. What a loss to the world. We need more like him, not less. I'm so, so sorry.
In the Sierras in 2007 - with the Strawberry Store bigfoot statue
photo copyright Tom Yamarone


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