Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Happy New Year! Happy New Song....

I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year...let's hope 2006 is the year we solve this bigfoot mystery...

Early December found me travelling to Seattle to join some friends in a road-trip north to visit John Green. He's an inspiration to me and my interest to seek out and document bigfoot goes back to purchasing his first two books - the re-issues of "On the Track of Sasquatch" and "Encounters with Bigfoot"...both available now in one great book entitled "The Best of Bigfoot/Sasquatch" by John Green.

We spent the day visiting and talking sasquatch with John and his wife June. A very special friend joined us on this weekend sojourn - namely, Bob Gimlin. We got to see a reverse copy of the Skookum cast...check out a few of John's footprint casts and generally enjoy shooting the bigfoot breeze. Also got to take a quick side-trip into snow-covered Sasquatch Provincial Park with Paul G. and Mel S...great being in the woods with those two!

I got to play my newest song for him...a song I wrote about him..."John Green".
(Also played him the other new song, "Jerry Crew (He Knew What to Do)") He had some constructive comments about the lyrics, but I got the feeling he liked them. :-)
It was a special moment sitting there by Thomas Steenburg with Bob Gimlin in John Green's living room with a group of friends and playing that song.
the chorus goes something like this:
"He was out seeking sasquatch, wasn't seeking no glory,
He was the one documenting the story.
Who was always one of the first on the scene?
If sasquatch had been had John Green!"

I look forward to recording both these new songs later this winter and hope to add a couple more songs that I've picked up from friends...

Enjoy the new year...hope you're all well and let's get out looking once the weather allows it! Keep on the track!

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