Monday, March 15, 2010 

I Want My Babyback, Babyback, Babyback Bigfoot Ribs!

Bigfoot Barbeque Enters Competitive Rib Cook-Off in Redding, CA

Brian with his ribs ready for judging. (all photos courtesy of Brian Horton.)

Brian and Judy Horton brought bigfoot to the world of competitive barbeque last weekend in their hometown of Redding, California.

Their Bigfoot Barbeque smoked the competition for a 3rd place finish - not bad for the first time out!
What's the secret to their ribs? It's the sauce! and much more, of course, but
I'm not allowed to disclose the chef's secrets.

I can vouche for Brian's mastery of the barbeque as we've spent time out together bigfooting in Northern California. Thanks for sharing the photos and I'll look forward to trying some of those babyback bigfoot ribs!

(Judy with the custom smoker on wheels at the cook-off.)

 Thursday, March 11, 2010 

Meet Me in Ohio - May 15th - with Bob Gimlin, Mark Stenberg & Terry Smith

(photo courtesy & copyright of the Eastern Ohio Bigfoot Information Center)

Spring is right around the corner and some plans for the upcoming year have already been made. The biggest news is that I'll be traveling to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo at Salt Fork State Park with Bob Gimlin. Joyce Kearney, a long-time sasquatch researcher from San Francisco, California, made the trip possible by sponsoring our travel. Many thanks, Joyce! She attends the conference each year and was also an instrumental sponsor of the P-G Film 40th Anniv. Celebration (2007) and the Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up (2009). She wanted the folks back in Ohio to have the opportunity to meet and speak with Bob Gimlin. Thus the wheels were set in motion to make this one of the most memorable Ohio Bigfoot Conferences yet. Mark Stenberg will be traveling with us and we'll be meeting up with Terry back in Ohio.

"If you ask it, they will come!"

Not exactly the Field of Dreams quote, but close enough. I'm putting out the call to come to Ohio in May!! Come join us at the conference - it'll be much more than that as we rendezvous back east this Spring. Salt Fork State Park and the Lodge are a destination in that part of the country. The Lodge is run by the same company that operates the lodges at many of the nation's top national parks - the Fred Harvey Company. It's spectacular! Search the internet and have a tour of Salt Fork State Park. Imagine this deciduous wonderland in Spring.

It's also a hot-bed of bigfoot activity. I've been warned that this weekend is not the best for attempting field research. Besides the hundreds of bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers scouring the backroads and trails, I'm sure some of southeastern Ohio's "tricksters" might be out and about. Ah, so what! I want to see where the documented encounters have taken place, and perhaps travel out and about to see more of the locations in this part of the state that have a history of bigfoot activity. This is an opportunity to see southeastern Ohio and spend time with friends in this beautiful setting.

Hope you can make it to this weekend gathering!
Many friends are already coming and I hope we'll see you there!

We'll have to plan a group picnic sometime that weekend - the Bigfoot Round-Up East - and you know we'll find a way to have a campfire and some music, too!

find me on facebook or email me at if you're coming!
and be sure to let the organizers know you're coming to see Bob, Tom, Mark 'n Terry
at the 2010 Ohio Bigfoot Conference/Expo!

Link to Information on the 2010 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Salt Fork Lodge website

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