Friday, February 19, 2010 

Aloha, Bra'!! Sasquatch IS in Hawai'i

No, bigfoot has not been sighted in Hawai'i - but the spirit of sasquatch exists
in our favorite tropical paradise.

We had a great time hosting Steven McCarthy from Hanalei, Kauai at the P-G Film's 40th Anniversary Celebration in Willow Creek. Hawai'i was represented!

Now I chanced upon an offer for free stickers from Hawai'i for
Custom Surfboards by Sasquatch.

Mitch McClain is the "squatch" behind the 'boards.
Here's a couple of the things he mailed back in my self addressed stamped

to get your stickers, send a (legal-sized) self addressed stamped envelope to:

Sasquatch Board Company
P.O. Box 60638
'Ewa Beach, HI. 96706

Stickers are FREE!

 Friday, February 12, 2010 

February - What's Goin' On? another new video slideshow!

Hey! where has February gone? :-)

there have been things happening. I'll try and blog about it when I can.
bullet points:
* Michael Greene's thermal imaging video of an upright, bipedal subject from North Carolina has been a hot topic.

* National Geographic Channel had a one hour long bigfoot episode on their series "American Paranormal" two weeks ago. We don't get that channel. I found it on YouTube in 5 videos. It is worth watching although the writing is "modern short-attention-span exclamative" (my term).

* Bob Gimlin was the guest on a 2 hour blog talk show tonight. Great interview.
click on the link and listen to the recording if you have the time.
Link to Blog Talk Archive Recording of Bob Gimlin interview 2/12/09

but the news of the night is the new video...

I've assembled another slideshow to accompany a song by (my good friend)
Paul Graves. The song is "Jim Henry" and is one of the best bigfoot
songs we've heard - it was our soundtrack to 2009.


Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World