Friday, April 30, 2010 

still playing those bigfoot songs...

April came in like a lion and went out like a sasquatch... on a boat!

The producers of Bob Saget's Strange Days arranged for a weekend shoot in Northern California recently. We called on friends from Sacramento, CA and Los Angeles to join me for some bigfoot songs. Our good friend and future manager, Renee Tod, drove up and saw to all the arrangements.

We started at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum last Friday morning. They shot some b-roll footage of the museum and a short interview with me. The questions were basically about how I got interested in the subject and how did the songs come to be a part of my interest. Now, this might not be the most dynamic footage but it was nice to involve the bigfoot museum as the backdrop and draw some attention to our favorite roadside attraction.

That afternoon we drove to Oakland, California and met up with the rest of our friends. They are actually members of a Sacramento-based band called SexRat (check them out at LINK to Half of Nothing Records Website ) Dog Party, Del Mar and The Snobs are all label-mates there.

Zach "Zippy" Goodin arranged for us to take a bay cruise on a 46 foot yacht on Friday afternoon! His friend Jase hosted us on his beautifully restored yacht - thank you, Jase!! It was a blast as we cruised under the Bay Bridge and over to McCovey Cove near AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants. We sat near the bow for a few acoustic renditions of the bigfoot songs. No one in the park could hear us - and probably had no idea what we were doing - but it was a thrill just to be there.

Later that night, Renee arranged for us to go to the Sublime with Rome concert in Oakland and Bobo & Zippy got us backstage to meet their friends in the band. It was quite a night!

Saturday had us at a club in Sacramento, CA to shoot some video of the whole band performing "Skookum Cast." Bobo was joined on-stage by Lucy Giles of Dog Party who has her own bigfoot costume.

The girls have a bigfoot song, too, called "EPA" - which stands for Extremely Private Animal. The guys from SexRat and the Snobs (Zippy on lead guitar, Dirty German on bass, and Mad Mike on drums) backed me for this rocking version.

Another good friend, Cecil B. Feeder, was hired as videographer for the whole weekend. I think we captured some magic that night at Old Ironsides bar and lounge. We'll wait and see what makes the cut when the episode airs on A&E network later this summer.

 Wednesday, April 14, 2010 

I'm Back! Searchin' from California to Washington

Hello friends!

thanks for stopping by

It's been an adventurous 3 weeks since the last post...

I traveled up to Redding, California to meet up with Brian Horton and Terry Smith. We spent 2 nights out on the north end of Trinity Lake. It was our alternative location to nearby Coffee Creek. The weather held off until we departed on Sunday but temperatures both nights were very cold. We didn't document any possible sasquatch evidence but we did scout out some fine country all along the Highway 3 corridor. And I'm happy that we did record some cool coyote calls on Saturday night in response to our call.

Spring Break found my family and I taking our first-ever hot air balloon ride.
We floated over the Napa Valley on a cold, crisp morning last week - fortunate that it was clear after 2 days of rain...and to quote the Who, "(We) could see for miles and miles and miles..."
What an experience! Once your nerves settle down - I'm scared of heights - it's a fantastic ride!

And, finally, we spent the weekend with friends in bigfoot research up in Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. We were shooting a TV episode with Bob Saget, the comedian and TV star. He's working on a new series called "Bob Saget's Strange Days" that will air on A&E network this summer. He visits groups and learns about their unusual interests or hobbies. And thanks to Bobo, for the bigfoot episode they contacted our California "crew" and the Washington BFRO folks. We were based out of Derek Randles' headquarters for the Olympic Project. And we shot most of the expedition footage at a nearby forest service horse camp.

It was a great experience seeing how it's done. We were lucky with good weather (albeit freezing cold), an experienced & friendly production crew, a solid gathering of bigfoot researchers and great interaction with Bob Saget.

They taped a segment of bigfoot songs with Paul Graves and I in the teepee. Mike Rugg accompanied us on Jew's harp and Bobo, Cliff, Terese and Beth were in there for the jam session...along with two cameramen jamming the entrance. It was quite the scene. Paul and I played "Jim Henry" (Paul's awesome song) and "Bigfoot - The Living Legend" with Bob Saget sitting between us. Then Bob played guitar with Paul on "Bigfoot Blues" and with me on the classic "Sloop John B."!
Fun, Fun, Fun!

Glad to be home! I'll try and get some slideshows up here soon of all these activities. The music has been going very well. I've been working on some new bigfoot songs and getting the summer repertoire ready for the campfires and the conferences. Hope you are all doing well!

 Monday, April 05, 2010 

Spring has sprung! Let the fun begin!

"Put me in coach!" - and get me one of these jerseys!!

The Community Colleges of Spokane, Washington have the best mascot!

"Home of the Bigfoots" - yes! can't wait to visit the campus bookstore and get my shirt. They have a little sasquatch stuffed figure for sale on-line, but the shipping is prohibitive. And little Skitch is a sort of weird!'

Just thought I'd post these photos in the spirit of the Final Four championship game tonight! enjoy!

coming soon... photos from an early Spring trip to the Trinity Mountains!

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