Friday, October 20, 2006 

October 20, 1967 “They Got Lucky on Bluff Creek That Day…”

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…The date that all bigfooters take a moment to dig out a DVD for the additional features (namely, the Patterson-Gimlin film) or an old VHS tape with the film somewhere in a TV documentary…Maybe you get out a copy “Meet the Sasquatch” by Christopher Murphy (with Thomas Steenburg and John Green) and page through the chapters on the P-G film…or just get out the photo album from the Willow Creek Int’l Bigfoot Symposium in 2003 and recall Bob Gimlin’s talk during the Pioneer Panel that weekend. I’ll also pull out my copy of Daniel Perez’s “Bigfoot at Bluff Creek” – a booklet published in the early 1990s that tells the story of the P-G film and the aftermath from beginning to end.

Either way, it’s THE DAY!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to the Patterson-Gimlin Film…
39 years old today…

Bigfoot remains as elusive as ever…and, indeed, Roger and Bob definitely got “lucky” with their encounter on Bluff Creek…but were ready to document the event, so luck was only one component. The rest is history and not a fairy tale story by any means. That day changed many a life and remains embroiled in controversy (for some, not me!)

ENJOY the day! If you got a CD of mine, be sure to play track 2 today…
See you soon!

Roger and Bob rode out that day,
Till that log jam got in their way,
They got lucky on Bluff Creek that day,
They got lucky when she walked away,
Roger and Bob rode out that day.

Roger and Bob were gone a week,
Riding the forests around Bluff Creek,
They shot some film of a Bigfoot there,
She walked on two legs and was covered in hair,
Roger and Bob had quite a week!
Roger and Bob rode out that day,
Their lives changed in every way,
So did ours ‘cause we got to see,
A living Bigfoot, walking tall and free,
Roger and Bob went down in history.
- lyrics excerpted from "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)"
by T. Yamarone copyright 2004/2006

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