Tuesday, June 24, 2014 

Revived by Bluff Creek - Four Days in Bigfoot Country

Made it out to the Bluff Creek area for some camping, bigfooting (when possible) and a thorough photographic "safari" with my good friend Terry from Long Beach, CA, his cool daughter and her friend and a Bobcat G. fan I met at last year's Arcata screening.  Three nights in country doesn't seem like much - and it isn't - but getting packed, shopping, then making the LONG DRIVE there and then doing what you have to do to have a good camp experience - is all very energy intensive. I was fairly fatigued by the time we rolled into a 90 degree day in Willow Creek on our way home Friday...and that's when the trip got kicked up a notch.

All right. I think I'm going to share this week out mostly in photos...but let's see what transpires as I start loading the pictures I just processed.  :-)

The Bigfoot Highway in Orleans, California
(ALL PHOTOS copyright Tom Yamarone/
double click to view a larger version.)

The Trinity River meets the might Klamath.
View from the Hwy 96 bridge in Weitchpec, CA.

Slow going miles but a favorite sign welcomes us
to bigfoot country as we turn off of
Hwy 96

View from Bluff Creek Road of Aikens Creek Campground
on the Klamath River

Overlooking the Bluff Creek drainage -
a majestic vista in bigfoot country!

Cedar Camp Road (Forest Road 12N12)
You are on the way to Louse Camp and
the P-G Film Site on Bluff Creek.

A hot and empty Louse Camp was a great spot for lunch.

The beautiful, cold and deep "blue pool" on Bluff Creek
at Louse Camp.

Jerry Crew's road building team left their mark
embedded in the bridge over Notice Creek.

Had to play a bigfoot song overlooking Bluff Creek.

Jim McClarin's Omah statue still the centerpiece
of Willow Creek's bigfoot art.

What are the odds I would run into Jerry Crew's family?
The Crew/Walters Family Reunion traveled to Willow Creek, CA
for a day outing. Of course they wanted to hear the song!
"Jerry Crew (He Knew What To Do)"

Finally had a bigfoot burger at the Early Bird Cafe
in Willow Creek.  It's too big! Lunch for two.

The Jerry Crew bigfoot footprint cast display
in the Willow Creek - China Flat Museum.

My YouTube video with an awesome slideshow  -  "Jerry Crew (He Knew What To Do)" by The Yamarone Brothers! 

 Sunday, June 22, 2014 

"WILLOW CREEK" movie on the BIG SCREEN in the Pacific Northwest - THIS WEEK!

WILLOW CREEK  - the Pacific Northwest "Tour" 2014

NOTE: I will be attending all of these screenings with Bobcat Goldthwait, "Willow Creek" producer Aimee Pierson and the movie's stars Alexie Gilmore and Bryce Johnson. COME ON OUT AND SAY "HELLO"...and have a GREAT NIGHT AT THE MOVIES!

Want more info about the movie itself?  GOOGLE "WILLOW CREEK BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT"
It is getting rave reviews... really! awesome to be a part of this project. :-)

7:00 p.m.  
Tickets: $15 (members price is lower)
Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)
at SIFF Cinema Uptown
511 Queen Anne Avenue North
Seattle, WA

I will be there with Bob Gimlin and John Kirk of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (BCSCC).   

7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $12 at door/ $10 in advance (members price is lower)
Bijou Arts Cinemas
492 E. 13th Avenue
Eugene, OR

SATURDAY, JUNE 28, 2014  -   SALEM, OR
7:00 p.m. w/ Q&A w/  Bobcat after ;  9:45 p.m. w/ introduction by Bobcat
Tickets: $12
Level B Theater Pub
445 High Street SE
Salem, OR

SUNDAY, JUNE 29, 2014   -   PORTLAND, OR
7:00 p.m.
Tickets: $8
Hollywood Theater
4122 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR


email me if you want to meet up:  tyamarone@pacbell.net

still from the movie "Willow Creek"

 Tuesday, June 03, 2014 

NEW TRAILER and poster for Bobcat Goldthwait's "WILLOW CREEK" - SET FOR RELEASE THIS FRIDAY!

the latest poster for the movie

"WILLOW CREEK" - the bigfoot movie by Bobcat Goldthwait that I've been telling you about for the last year - is slated for RELEASE THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 2014 !!  I AM PSYCHED and hope to see it on the big screen as there is going to be a limited theatrical release.  We are not sure where but when we find out, I will post it here. For now, I know it IS SHOWING in New York City and Tuscon, Arizona.

Willow Creek Rates 94% at Rotten Tomatoes - click here!

 A few days ago, a new trailer and poster for "WILLOW CREEK" were released. If you recall from earlier posts about this movie, it is listed as a "horror" film - and it is (at the end) - but is an excellent treatment of the bigfoot subject by a writer and director who is very much informed on the sasquatch/bigfoot phenomenon. That base knowledge shines through in his script. The first portion of the movie is a witty, rolicking ride with the characters "Jim" and his girlfriend "Kelly" as she videotapes him as he searches for information about the Patterson-Gimlin Film, bigfoot in general and seeks directions to the actual film site. (An area we have camped in and around over the last 10 years. PRETTY COOL to see the actual roads we drive and the Bluff Creek area in this movie! but I digress...)


So, the first part of the movie also features Jim running into the "bigfoot Bob Dylan" - a singer/songwriter/sasquatch researcher with a song about the Patterson-Gimlin Film. :-) YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT - he runs into me! He talks with me and says, "It sure would be great if there was a song about that!" Yes, there is!  Too freaking cool to have "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)" included in this film!  Well, now you know why I'm so excited. Hope you are, too. The project has been well received at film festivals in North America and in Europe and the reviews are excellent. We saw it in Arcata, California in May 2013 and it was great!

Shooting the scene for the movie
in Willow Creek, CA 

with Bryce Johnson after the shoot.
Too cool !!
(photos from T.Yamarone Archives;
thank you, Todd Hale, Scott McClean (RIP)
and Terry Smith for documenting all of this!)

"Willow Creek" is available as a VOD (Video on Demand) this Friday.  That is Amazon  Instant Video or iTunes. We are renting it from Amazon Instant Video in HD for $6.99 (good for 48 hours) as we intend to purchase the DVD as well. No information about DVD sales yet. (will update as information becomes available.)

Bobcat and Yams
Willow Creek, CA  July 2012

NOTE: The movie was screening in Manhattan - NEW YORK CITY! last night
and Bobcat was there.
It will screen in select cities around the country over the next two months.
I will post details as they become available. Definitely looking at Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the next month.

First poster for the movie (May 2013)

Tell me what you think at tyamarone@pacbell.net.

 Sunday, June 01, 2014 

THE Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2014 - An Epic Journey To an Epic Conference

On the road again...beautiful sky in California

April 22, 2014
I'm driving north on Interstate 5 heading for Bend, Oregon. Nice day for driving. Beautiful white clouds
punctuate a bright, blue sky in the Sacramento Valley in California.
My landmark in the north, Mt. Shasta, is covered in clouds this day so I don't get to see that majestic peak.
The rest of the drive to Oregon is smooth - at times driving through snow flurries and drizzling rain.
I stop in Weed, CA to photograph the bigfoot statue at the  I (Heart) Weed Gift Shop on Hwy 97 right in town as you exit Interstate 5.  Great folks - beautiful photos of the mountain - fantastic honey!

Bigfoot statue at
 I (Heart) Weed Gift Shop
Weed, California

Bigfoot Statue
Chemult, Oregon

Last stop of the day is at the Bigfoot Tavern in Crescent, Oregon on Hwy 97 about 50 miles south of Bend.
Nice folks there, too. They have a statue outside as well (that's why I stopped). But bigfoot here is just to take advantage of the cultural popularity of the subject. They're really not "into" it -and that's fine. I'm late so I don't stay very long.

Bigfoot Tavern statue
Crescent, Oregon

Wild Horses
Yakama Nation, Washington

April 23, 2014
Destination Yakima by 12:00 noon. Hey, a little wet, Spring weather accompanies me into Washington and it's great to make it to Bob Gimlin's house! We have a few errands to run in Yakima before heading over the Cascades to Seattle. We visit the Yakima Valley Museum to have a quick look at the "Sasquatch Revealed" exhibit created by Christopher Murphy and wonderfully displayed here until the end of the year. Bob is a welcome guest and it's a great visit. We hit the road for 150 miles of driving and arrive in Seattle where we meet up with John Kirk of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (BCSCC). We are all heading to the Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2014 the next morning.

Great bigfoot evidence & artifact exhibit
in Yakima, Washington for the year

Part of the P-G film dispay
at the "Sasquatch Revealed" exhibit

The trip begins - John, Bob and I in the
Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport

April 24, 2014
Well, I will not detail our airline travel woes - not as bad as some folks have to endure. Let's just say we arrived in Cleveland, Ohio on time but stressed, weary of flying and hungry. :-)  Our host and organizer extraordinaire of the conference, Marc DeWerth, picks us up along with our great friend Cliff Barackman of Finding Bigfoot fame and ex-patriot crytpo-artist from the UK, Thomas Finley.  Our two car caravan speeds through the dark Ohio night 120 miles south to Salt Fork State Park and Lodge - site of the bigfoot conference. "It's great to be here!" was overheard a few times that night as we met up with friends at the lodge after our 11:00 p.m. arrival. Monica Rawlins, Lyle Blackburn and Jessica James joined us and we had a night cap before retiring.

Jeff Crisman jamming in our room.
This man loaned me his awesome guitar for the weekend!

with Bob Gimlin and Lyle Blackburn
at Ohio Bigfoot Conf. 2014 Meet & Greet

Breakfast with friends Winona, Tina and Kenny.
Facebook friends meet face-to-face finally.

April 25, 2014
Big first day of the bigfoot conference starts with breakfast in the lodge restaurant. Now, I apologize in advance for the few names I am going to forget. Friday was a very social day and we saw old friends and made new ones as we went about running a few errands and then hosting people in our hospitality suite. It's a real treat for folks to get to spend some social time with Bob and we enjoyed having a fun visit with a bunch of people. Jeff Crisman and his wife, Jodi, brought me a guitar to play during the weekend - so cool of them to do that! We became fast friends.  Winona Alexis was there with Tina Harter and Kenny J., their good friend. Tina chauffeured us the 20 miles into Cambridge, Ohio for "supplies". ;-)  Dave McCullough came from Massachusetts - or should I say "Squatch-achusetts" with friends and colleagues Jonathan Wilk and Dax Rushlow. Just so many people come to this conference - it's amazing. We enjoyed the day and then had a speakers dinner on the schedule for that evening.  There we met even more people including my friends and sponsors, Suzanne and Bernie Ferencak. We hit it off from the start and the night ended with a fun sing-a-long in the grand lobby of the Salt Fork Lodge. Sitting around a giant living room setting in front of a fireplace singing songs campfire-style until the wee hours. There's nothing more enjoyable than that.

My new friends Bernie and Suzanne
- They sponsored me as a presenter

Posing at the Meet & Greet
with conference attendees
Bob Gimlin caricature
by Erie, Pennsylvania artist Eerie Eric

April 26, 2014
Conference Day begins! Salt Fork Lodge is a buzzing beehive of activity in the vast lobby area. It's now a Bigfoot Bazaar with over 30 vending tables with everything your sasquatch-centric heart could desire. Bob and I have a table in the center of all this where he can meet and greet the attendees and also sign autographs. Good friends "Joisey" Gene Romo and John Kirk provide essential aid to us as we also are selling souvenir photos, too. The people of Ohio - and those attending from a multitude of states and Canadian provinces - are just wonderful! Informed and intelligent, they are most appreciative of the opportunity to say "Hello" to and share a few words with Bob Gimlin. The day moves swiftly and soon the conference begins in a nearby hall. Lyle Blackburn, author of "The Beast of Boggy Creek" and Charlie Raymond of Kentucky Bigfoot Research give the first two presentations. We are unable to enjoy these but hear great things about them - we're still going fast and furious with the patient line of people waiting to meet Bob. Cliff Barackman presents next for over an hour about bigfoot evidence he has evaluated. It's an excellent talk and all are impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge. We get seated for the dinner break at a large table with friends and after the meal, it is our turn to address the conference.

Bob greeting a young bigfoot enthusiast

Playing two bigfoot songs with Todd Prescott
- a unique aspect of my presentation

Conference organizer, Marc DeWerth presents
Bob Gimlin with a plaque

My talk is about the history of bigfoot evidence documented in the Bluff Creek area prior to the Patterson-Gimlin film event. It's a basic review of the people involved in that area starting with Jerry Crew and Bob Titmus. John Green's activities are also noted as he was down in Bluff Creek soon after seeing Jerry Crew's photograph with the bigfoot cast on the news wire. Al Hodgson and his role in the bigfoot history from Bluff Creek and the town of Willow Creek are explained and I conclude with the Blue Creek Mountain track discoveries in August 1967 just above Bluff Creek prior to Roger and Bob coming down to see those tracks four weeks later. I also give the audience a "virtual tour" of Bluff Creek and the surrounding region using maps and photographs I have taken over the last 10 years. The crowd appreciates seeing the photos from the Klamath River, the G-O Road, Louse Camp, the Bluff Creek drainage and the Patterson-Gimlin film site as it is today and over the last 10 years. Todd Prescott is in attendance and joins me on drums as we then perform two of the bigfoot songs pertinent to this presentation: "Jerry Crew (He Knew What To Do)" and "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)". Despite losing my voice (to a bug, pollen or overuse? who knows?), the songs are well received and it's a nice musical interlude before Bob Gimlin is introduced to recount the events of that historic day, October 20, 1967.

Bob Gimlin acknowledges the standing ovation -
the BEST audience in the bigfoot world.

The conference always welcomes and appreciates Bob like no other. A standing ovation from the audience - just like they gave him in 2010 - greets Bob as he takes the microphone to tell their story of obtaining the famous bigfoot film.. The people are spellbound during his talk and there's not much more I can add here to describe it. The night ends with the perfunctory "speakers photo op" with organizer Marc DeWerth joining us at the front of the hall. A surprise presentation is made to Bob of a beautiful, unique plaque created by William Draginis and Helen Snyder Shaw. It is the "Golden Cast Award" and is in honor of his efforts to protect and preserve the footprint trackway at the film site. They have coated one of the two casts that Patterson made that day in actual gold and mounted it in a shadow box frame with lights behind the golden cast. It is incredible! Truly a fantastic way to end the event.

Marc DeWerth with the Golden Cast Award
that was presented to Bob Gimlin

The night never seems to end. But I will for now. We were there through the weekend with more activities on Sunday and then traveled Monday back to Cleveland. There we had an awesome visit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! That really capped off the trip. But we still have a long travel day on Tuesday getting back to Washington and then I had a long drive home to California. It was an epic journey!

Our best friends - the Holasek Sisters (Molly and Emily),
their Dad and son Ethan.  

Salt Fork State Park

with two great guys at Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Tom Yamarone - Songs For A Bigfoot World