Thursday, October 27, 2005 

New Songs in the Works

Hey! It's been awhile. The original 4-song CD "Songs for a Bigfoot World" is still available...haven't actually sold many through this site, but that's OK. The Honobia Bigfoot Festival bought one and played it during their event. And my good friend RB spun the disc for the folks at the Texas Bigfoot Conference two weeks ago.

The newest tune ready to record is "Jerry Crew (He Knew What to Do)" ...a few lines were penned by Jimbo "Bobo" Fay and he's credited as co-author on this song.
I had the chance to publicly preview this song in Bellingham, WA last May and just last Monday for Al Hodgson in Willow Creek, CA. (I also played "Roger and Bob" for Al in his living room while visiting him with Robert L.) He liked the song and it got him to share some great recollections about Jerry Crew and the bigfoot phenomenon in Willow Creek in the late 1950s. Look for a full write-up about this living room banter in next month's Bigfoot Discovery Museum newsletter!

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