Saturday, March 07, 2009 

New Bigfoot Website - My Good Friend, Cliff B.

Here's the next step for Cliff Barackman. He's a friend that I met at Operation Odyssey,a field forensics workshop held in the Sierras in 2004. Since then, Cliff and I have been out on many occasions camping & bigfooting throughout Northern California. When we met, he had already been out in the woods for over 10 years doing independent research. He joined the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization in 2005 and was very active in 2007 on expeditions throughout North America. He's one of the few researchers to have a thermal imaging device on loan to him for the last 2 years and was always equipped with very good audio recording equipment.

Recently, he began to work on several projects to establish an independent bigfoot research center. As a result, he founded North American Bigfoot based out of the Portland, Oregon area.
North American Bigfoot website

I think you'll find this to be a work in progress but with some very interesting information already available. Be sure to check out his blog which is well written and contains some very interesting articles related in some manner to the search for evidence of these creatures. Cliff has moved to a prime area for research and report investigations. He's very well connected in the bigfoot research community and I think there will be plenty of good evidence and information at his website in the year ahead.

You may have already seen or heard Cliff. He appeared in an episode of MonsterQuest on the History Channel (entitled: Legend of the Hairy Beast? I think...along with Bobo on the Klamath River) and was a guest on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory in August 2007.

 Friday, March 06, 2009 

New Bigfoot Blog from Willow Creek

Steven Streufert, proprietor of Bigfoot Books in Willow Creek, now has a blog that's worth a look.
Bigfoot Books, Willow Creek, CA blog

He's in the heart of bigfoot country and located right along Highway 299 just east of town (near the bigfoot burger cafe).

Here's a link to his page:
Bigfoot Books Info
I post this so you can search his inventory and find his phone number. We've been stopping by the last 2 years and he's always got a rare, reasonably priced bigfoot book or 2 in the store...actually, he's always had a dozen or more bigfoot titles on hand. I'm sure you could get him to ship you one if you can't make it to Willow Creek.

Steven is in touch with Al Hodgson, Willow Creek's long-time bigfoot ambassador, as well as the folks running the museum in town. Al Hodgson has always been generous with his time and information to amateur researchers and enthusiasts and as time goes on, Steven will slowly assume this role. Get to know him if you frequent that area regularly on your bigfoot trips.

photos: (top) Steven and Scott McClean, October 2007.
(above right) Steven Streufert, in front of store.

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