Wednesday, August 23, 2006 

Breaking Rocks in the Hot Sun - Bluff Creek Summer of '06

It was blazing hot in the central valley of California and the heat carried on over to Six Rivers National Forest...but who gives a hoot? We were one week out in the backcountry and in great company.

Bobo, Cliff, Bob and myself were camping along the rocky banks of Bluff feet will attest to the rocky nature of that canyon and it was a minor miracle that my ass didn't find itself slamming backwards into the water...that and a good walking stick!

We had the guitar out and were running through the bigfoot song repertoire...there's even a rare photo of Bobo and I collaborating on a new tune deep in the back woods.

We did happen to run into a local living legend...Karok medicine man, Charlie Thom! he wasn't big and hairy, but we did enjoy his company. He had some bigfoot stories to share and he kept us on our toes! On the bigfoot front, nothing much to report other than some wood knocking and whistles coming out of the forest at night...enjoy the scenery...Here's what Bluff Creek was looking like in July 2006.

Keep on the track...and if you got a photo or bigfoot story to share, email me!

 Tuesday, August 22, 2006 

Road trip to the Bigfoot Rendezvous

Got to see a lot of friends and familiar faces at the Bigfoot Rendezvous in Pocatello, Idaho in June. Bobo and I loaded up the "little car that could" - and gets 40 mpg! - and hauled it into Idaho in one long day. We got to town a day early so we did some late night bowling at the student union of Idaho State University.

The next morning we checked out the Bigfoot exhibit at the Idaho State Museum of Natural History...and ran into Chris Murphy and his son, Chris. It was a great exhibit with items like footprint casts, sculptures, art work, a running documentary and bigfoot sounds...and it fit right in with the regular museum exhibits like the saber toothed cat skeleton and Sacajawea's tribal ancestry ...they even had footprint casts for sale at the gift counter...

from there we were off downtown to stand around and greet our friends as they was nice gathering despite the austere parking lot setting...I got up on the flat-bed truck stage and did ALL of my bigfoot songs...all 7 of them including the new "Big Ol'Man". Somewhere around 9 pm, we all figured it was time to hit the hotel and let the real rendezvous begin! We were hanging with Scott, the WA group (Kristine, David, Clifton and Sarah), MK Davis and were running into everyone else staying there...

The next day, the actual conference began and it was a blast...
you'll have to go to the to see the "thread" on it there...with additional photos of mine posted there...
Report from Pocatello
(NOTE: scroll down the page to see the pictures...more pictures throughout the thread and on the previous pages, too...enjoy!)
and I wrote up the event for the Bigfoot Discovery Museum Newsletter...did you get your copy? NO? then join up for $25 year and get the damn thing! all my buds are museum members!!

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