Friday, August 05, 2011 

There Ain't No Cure for the Summertime Blues!

(Gulf Coast sunset in the sponge capital of the world - Tarpon Springs.)


That defines all the places we've been on vacation this summer. Fortunately, the heat in California has come in short spurts. I haven't posted a blog since the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium. Much has been going on - nothing as big as the Sasquatch Summit or the Oregon symposium - so let's have a look back at "my summer vacation" so far.

First Day of Summer - Traveling to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
(Caught up in another social phenomenon! ha!)

We went on vacation to Florida in June to take in the Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, the Gulf Coast tourist spots and the Kennedy Space Center. No one told us about the heat! Well, not before we had our flights booked. WOW! That was a new definition of hot. Enjoyed our time there although I didn't see any sign of bigfoot or the skunk ape. I did get some comments and stories while wearing my Legend of Bigfoot and Bigfoot Country t-shirts. Seems "Finding Bigfoot" has put the subject out there a little further into the TV viewing audience. We enthusiasts/researchers & songwriters have become "bigfoot ambassadors" now-a-days thanks to the popularity of the Animal Planet show.

Here are some of the sights from Florida... Manatees to Mermaids and other captive wildlife...

(An airboat ride near Kissimmee, Florida - c/o Boggy Creek Airboat Rides!)

(There ARE mermaids - at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park - maintaining one of the best roadside attractions in Florida. I believe!)

(Homosassa Springs State Park - a wildlife zoo - along with one of their 4 resident manatees. Wow - amazing animals.)

(a visit to the Kennedy Space Center a week before the final space shuttle launch...
Atlantis on the launch pad.)

We were home for the 4th of July and then it was off to pay tribute to my friend Shasta Bates with his friends and family in Connecticut.
My brother Chuck got us there and back on a whirlwind weekend - even making time on Saturday to have dinner with good friends in Manhattan.
(I'll post some of those photos tomorrow!)

Thank you all who check in here at from time to time!
I appreciate your interest and support...

The songs are always happening... I attended the Bigfoot Discovery Museum "benefeet" concert on Friday, July 1st in Santa Cruz, California - and per usual - got up and played two songs between sets with a borrowed guitar. "The Skookum Cast" and "Bigfoot - The Living Legend" were performed.

(thanks to Jerry Hein for picking up my digital camera and shooting these photos!!)

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